Hyundai's Ioniq 6 Brings Futuristic Vibes to the Present Day

Future-friendly looks and a high-tech interior

It wasn’t so long ago that Tesla was the only game in town for electric car enthusiasts, but that has changed in a big way.

Case in point? Hyundai is making waves with its Ioniq line of electric vehicles, and the trend continues with the unveiling of the much-anticipated Ioniq 6, which boasts an ultra-modern design and plenty of high-tech innovations. 

Hyundai Ioniq 6


First up, there’s the eye-catching design. The Ioniq 6 boasts an aerodynamic profile with a low drag coefficient of 0.21 due to its low nose and active air flaps. To put that in perspective, most new cars feature a drag coefficient of 0.25-0.3, so this thing is going to fly.

The cocoon-like interior is filled with goodies for the tech-obsessed, with a modular touchscreen dashboard, a 12-inch digital cluster for additional controls, and a proprietary ambient lighting system. This system allows drivers to choose from 64 colors and an array of dual-color themes to create that perfect vibe while driving.

Ioniq 6 dashboard


The steering wheel is outfitted with interactive lights to relay important information, and the cabin boasts a fully flat floor for "optimized legroom." 

As for real-world specs, the company says more information is coming in July. Until then, it's worth noting the Ioniq 5 has a 72.6-kWh battery that allows for 300 miles per charge and a 320 horsepower engine with 446 pound-feed of torque that lets the vehicle go from 0 to 60 in under five seconds.  

The price is also still under wraps, but for comparison purposes, the Ioniq 5 starts at $40,000.

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