What Is a HUS File?

How to open, edit, & convert HUS files

Screenshot of several HUS files in Windows 10 that open with the Embird program


A file with the HUS file extension is a Husqvarna Designer Embroidery Machine Format file used by Husqvarna Viking sewing machines. HUS files contain sewing instructions that can be read by various embroidering software.

This Swedish company was founded in 1872 and previously called Husqvarna Sewing Machines before changing to VSM Group. In 2006, VSM Group was purchased by Kohlberg & Co., the owner of the American sewing brand Singer.

VSM Group was then merged with Singer to create SVP Worldwide, which stands for the sewing brands it represents: Singer, Viking, and Pfaff.

HUS also stands for hardened unique storage and head of user services, but neither of these terms has anything to do with the sewing machine file format.

How to Open an HUS File

HUS files can be opened using Basic Embird (with the Studio plugin), Pfaff 3D Creative Suite, Buzz Tools' BuzzXplore, and Design Gallery's StudioPlus.

I'm sure some of the software on Husqvarna's own website can open HUS files, too. If you received a CD with your sewing machine, the software can probably be found there as well.

SewWhat-Pro and a program called my editor are two other applications that may be able to open HUS files.

If you find that an application on your PC does try to open the HUS file but it's the wrong application or if you would rather have another installed program open HUS files, see our How to Change the Default Program for a Specific File Extension guide for making that change in Windows.

How to Convert an HUS File

One way you can convert an HUS file to SHV or some other format is with Basic Embird. Just make sure you're using Editor mode, which can be toggled between Manager mode with the menu at the top of the program. Use the File > Save As... menu option to pick between dozens of formats.

Data 7 Embroidery Conversion Tool is another option for converting an HUS file to another file format. You can get a trial from the download page.

Use the File > Save as... menu in the Data 7 program to convert the HUS file to PES (Bernina/Brother/Babylock/Simplicity); VST (Virtual Stitch); Tajima's DST, DSB, or DSZ formats; Wilcom's T01, T03, T04, or T05 formats; Elna (EMD); Pfaff (PCS); Pfaff Mac (PCM), and several other similar sewing-related formats.

Wilcom's TrueSizer Web is another way to convert an HUS file. After you sign up for a free user account on that website, upload the file through the Open Design button, and then use the Save Result... > Convert Design option to save it to some of the same formats supported by Data 7 Embroidery Conversion Tool, as well as to ones like PEC, SEW, JEF, PCD, PCQ, and CSD.

Husqvarna has a plugin called Premier+ Explorer Plug-In that should be able to convert an HUS file to VP3 for use on RUBY Royale.

You can typically convert a file using a free file converter if you're working with a more popular format like MP3, DOCX, or PDF. However, most of those types of converter tools don't support HUS files, which is why you should use one of the programs mentioned above.

Still Can't Open Your File?

If your file doesn't open with the programs from above, it'd be a good idea to double-check the file extension to make sure you aren't confusing a totally different file format with an HUS file. Some files appear to have the same file extension but are actually in two completely different formats.

Some examples include HUM (OMSI Human Configuration), AHS, and HUH (HydroCAD Unit Hydrograph Definitions) files. Each of those files are in formats that are unrelated to the HUS format and therefore do not open with the same software programs.

Instead, research the file extension that is appended to the end of your file to learn which programs can open or convert it.