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You can find free Kindle ebooks listed in 40+ categories at Hundred Zeros. This website is refreshingly simple and isn't full of a bunch of useless information - just click the book you want and you'll be taken directly to Amazon for instant downloading.

You're able to browse for books in categories for classics, drama, kids, comics, history, romance, and psychology books all in just a few clicks, as well as search for any book by its author or title.

Something to remember about the books at Hundred Zeros is that some of them may not be free any longer because they were only free for a day or two when they were first added to the site. You should pay close attention to the prices on Amazon even if the book is listed as being free at Hundred Zeros.

Free Ebooks at Hundred Zeros

There are three ways to find free ebooks at Hundred Zeros: Click through the different subjects to find books in a genre or category you're interested in, search for a specific book or author name, or sign up for email alerts when new titles are added.

Some of the genres/subjects that you can browse for ebooks in at Hundred Zeros includes History, Crafts & Hobbies, Classics, Computers & Internet, Biographies & Memoirs, Sex, Reference, and Sports. The Fiction section has others like Drama, Romance, Short Stories, and Fantasy Kindle ebooks. The Nonfiction category is where you'll find books on philosophy and psychology.

Every ebook that you click to download at Hundred Zeros takes you directly to Amazon to order the book. You don't have to go through any other step, sign up for an account at Hundred Zeros or anything else. Just click the free book that you want and you'll instantly be taken right to to download it to your Kindle.

But before you leave the Hundred Zeros website, you do get to see the star rating of the book, which is helpful as you browse through the books - to be able to glance around at the highest rated ebooks. Unfortunately, though, you can't sort the books by rating, and not all of the books seem to have a rating.

Also on the Hundred Zeros website, below each book, is a link to the genres that the ebook is included in as well as the author. Click those links and you'll get a list of all the other Hundred Zeros ebooks that were written by the same person or that are cataloged under that same subject. While this can be really helpful, it's often the case that books added a long time ago are no longer free to download.

Hundred Zeros Extras

Signing up for the Newsletter at Hundred Zeros is recommended - you just need to enter your email address. That way, you can get instant email alerts whenever new free ebooks are added to the website. This is definitely an easier way of staying on top of fresh content rather than checking the website every day.

The Hundred Zeros link above is to the US version of the website, but there's also a UK, German, Italian, French, Spanish, and Canadian version that you can find on the right side of the Hundred Zeros website.

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