Humorous and Clever Intranet Names

Intranet names tied to deeper goals of community and team spirit

Many companies and organizations run private intranet networks to store files, share news, and run web apps. One way to make intranet tools more user-friendly is to have a clever name for your team's internal website. We compiled a list of punny names for intranet networks used by major corporations.

This article is about private intranet networks, not to confused with the global internet. Intranets are designed not to interface with the internet.

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What's in an Intranet Name?

Names that company intranets adopt have more meaning than meets the eye. These intranet names are tied to deeper goals that unlock sharing through community and team spirit.


Interact Intranet named its intranet network after the cartoon character Homer Simpson of The Simpsons. The system uses gamification to reward users with donuts whenever they utilize intranet tools.


Macrae & Dick, a new and used car dealer group in Scotland, named its company intranet Pitstop. Pitstop is also the name used by Mercedes Benz for its intranet.


Fidelia, an insurance assistance company, named its intranet Wikidelia (rhymes with Fidelia). Built on the ​XWiki SAS platform, Wikidelia hosts a document repository where employees can find quick answers to questions about business procedures and policies.


Airbus Group (formally known as EADS Innovation Works) runs TechWatch. This collaborative intranet, also a product of the XWiki wiki tool, is used by researchers to disseminate strategic information in real-time.


Hulu, the subscription service for streaming video, named its intranet Huluverse. ​Igloo Software, the company that runs the Hulu intranet, says its employees are called Hulugans.

Club of Love

The Club of Love is an intranet creation of middle-school students at Robert Frost Middle School in Rockville, Maryland. Built using HyperOffice, it allows students to share information and organize community projects to earn credits for service learning.


PIMA Federal Credit Union's intranet is named after Dwight Schrute, the know-it-all character on NBC's The Office.


Intranets don't necessarily have to take a persona. For example, Intranet Connections chose the name MILO, which is an acronym for Mountains of Information Logically Organized.


Speaking of acronyms, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants named its intranet BRAIN, which is short for Berger Research and Information Network.


Fetch is the intranet network of the San Diego Humane Society and SCPA.

Glove Box

Bob Moore Auto Group in Oklahoma named its intranet Glove Box, which represents a place to find vital information.

The Pantry

Simple and to the point, New Seasons Market calls its intranet The Pantry.


The Royal National Institute for Blind People in the U.K. chose a rather ironic name for its intranet, but it's memorable, nonetheless.


Fonterra, a milk company, chose a name for its intranet that's both relevant and easy to remember.


General Motors named its intranet after one of the world's greatest philosophers to represent the wealth of knowledge it houses.

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