Hulu Review

My Thoughts on Hulu, a Movie & TV Show Streaming Service

Screenshot of a Hulu TV Show
The TV Show "Running Wild With Bear Grylls". © Hulu

Hulu is a website that lets you watch ​online movies, trailers, documentaries, and TV shows. Below are my thoughts on Hulu's movies, video quality, mobile app, and more.

Hulu Has a Wide Variety of Movies

Hulu's movies are categorized in several genres, such as Classics, Food, Sports, Kids, Music, Drama, Family, Horror & Suspense, Action & Adventure, Arts & Culture, Video Games, and Science Fiction.

I like how easy it is to find movies because if you don't browse by genre, you can look through collections of movies that are similar to each other. These collections change often, but they are usually always helpful.

You can also browse through Hulu's movies by the most popular ones and those that were most recently added. This applies to all of the movies on Hulu and also the ones within each genre.

I also appreciate that subcategories are present in the genre sections. For example, movies in the Drama category are sectioned off as Romance, Mystery, Police Drama, Crime and Courtroom Drama, and Medical Drama, to name a few. This makes it really easy to find a specific type of movie.

Video Quality on Hulu is on Par With DVDs

The movies and TV shows at Hulu can have their quality-adjusted between low, medium, and high. You can instead choose auto to have the quality adjusted in relation to your Internet connection speed.

I like that the auto option is available because then you don't have to be aware of the streaming quality that works best with your network connection.

However, of the few movies I tested out, it seemed that the quality was less than or equal to the quality of a DVD.

Hulu's Player Options

Hulu has a useful button in its video player that lets you rewind 10 seconds with one click. This is extremely helpful if you need to see something you just missed without having to worry about using the progress bar.

With that being said, Hulu's progress bar is extremely easy to use because as you move the mouse to a different location in the video, a thumbnail of that scene is shown so you know exactly where you're headed.

You can also make a video full screen or use the lower lights option in the video player, which will darken the whole web page except for the film.

Another option is to pop the video out into its own screen. This will open a new window with the film at the exact same progress that you're currently at. You can resize the new window however you like, which makes it more flexible than full-screen mode.

Similar to Crackle, Hulu's closed caption options let you define the color, opacity, and size of the text that's displayed on the video. This comes into use if you need the text to pop out of the video. For example, if the majority of the scenes are dark, you can use a lighter text color for subtitles.

Hulu's Advertisements are Reasonable

Hulu shows an advertisement in movies and TV shows when the film is first opened, and they're sometimes as long as a couple minutes seconds. There are also ads positioned all throughout a video. For example, a movie that's 2 1/2 hours long may have around nine advertisements, a 1 1/2 hour movie will likely have seven ads, and an episode of a TV show normally has four or five.

Because you can skip forward through a Hulu movie or TV show, it means you can skip over advertisements. Fortunately, you can see where the ads are placed in the video by looking at the progress bar of the video for small white dots. If you skip over advertisements, it still plays immediately upon resuming the video.

It feels like there are tons of ads in Hulu videos because multiple ones are shown back to back at every ad placement in the video. For instance, a 40-minute episode of a TV show that has five ads, will show a total of 2 minutes of advertisements each time ads appear, for a total of around 10 minutes of ads.

When you think about it, 10-15 minutes of advertisements across a 40-45 minute video is about what you'll find if watching it on live TV, which I find acceptable.

My Video Buffering Experience with Hulu

I tested out several TV shows and multiple movies on the highest quality and had zero buffering issues. Films didn't pause on me, and advertisements followed through as smoothly as videos.

Due to my experience, if Hulu doesn't seem to run as quickly for you, I would blame it on either a slow computer/web browser, slow Internet connection, or a temporary hiccup on the Hulu website. 

Hulu: Final Thoughts

I think Hulu's website is very easy to work with. The menus and categories are easy to find and browse through the movies and TV shows very pleasant.

I also like the video player options. Turning down the lights or opening a video in full screen helps create a theater-like experience.