Hulu: A Great Source for Streaming Movies and TV

Use Hulu for online movies and streaming TV shows

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Hulu is a streaming content website where you can watch online movies as well as TV shows. Many people use Hulu as a streaming content provider after ditching their cable service or as a supplement to their current cable or satellite subscription.

Hulu used to have some free content but they don't offer that anymore. If you're still looking for free movies and shows, check out these free streaming movie websites and free streaming TV websites.

Subscribing to Hulu

A Hulu subscription starts at $8 a month if you choose to watch limited commercials and $12 a month with no commercials. There are free 1-month trials available for both of these plans.

There's also a free 1-month trial for Hulu's Showtime, and you have the option of adding a Showtime, HBO, and/or Cinemax subscription to your Hulu account for a monthly fee.

Your subscription will get you unlimited access to all of Hulu's content that includes full series of TV shows, movies, and Hulu Originals. You can cancel or switch your plans at any time.

Hulu With Live TV

Hulu also has a plan called Hulu With Live TV which lets you stream dozens of live and on-demand channels in addition to having access to their full library of content. The channels you get depend on your location; use the View all channels in your area link here for more information.

This plan can be had for free for a week, but then it costs $40 a month. At that price, it includes 50 hours of cloud DVR and support for watching from two screens simultaneously.

You can pay more for what's called "enhanced" cloud DVR and unlimited screens. There are also premium add-ons you can pay for to add Showtime, HBO, and Cinemax to your account.

Hulu's Streaming Movies and TV Shows

Hulu has streaming movies and TV shows in genres like Drama, Documentaries, Comedy, Action and Adventure, Animation and Cartoons, Anime, Arts and Culture, Classics, Family, Food, Gay and Lesbian, Health and Wellness, Horror and Suspense, International, Kids, Lifestyle, Music, News and Information, Reality and Game Shows, Science fiction, Sports, Video Games, and Korean drama.

If you don't want to spend time browsing through a genre at Hulu, you can view the movies and shows by most popular, recently added, staff picks, and those in the Criterion Collection.

Hulu also has some collections available like "School's in Session" and "Gotta Have Faith," that often change. This is a really fun way to get to know the content that you may have normally passed up.

Hulu's Video Player

Hulu's video player lets you do all the normal player functions including watching the video full-screen. There are some additional features here though including a 10-second rewind button, an option to lower the page's background lights, and a button to pop out the video into its own window for less distractions.

Where Hulu Gets Its Movies and TV Shows

It's important to know how to tell if a movie streaming site is legal and not infringing on copyrights. Fortunately, Hulu is 100% legal.

Hulu has a partnership with over 500 content companies where it gets its TV shows. They include FOX, ABC, The CW, NBC, A&E Networks, BBC, MTV Networks, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, National Geographic, Sony Pictures, and Time Warner.

Hulu's movies and documentaries come from Miramax and the Criterion Collection.

Requirements to View Content at Hulu

No download is required to view the movies and TV shows at Hulu. You'll need to have an internet connection and an Adobe Flash enabled computer. You must also have a broadband connection; if your connection is too slow, Hulu won't stream or might not stream smoothly.

So long as your computer is running an updated browser like Opera, Firefox, or Chrome, and your internet connection is good enough to stream other online videos like YouTube content, you can feel confident that Hulu will behave normally, too.