Huawei's New P50 Smartphone Launches July 29

The company teased the upcoming release in early June

Chinese phone manufacturer Huawei announced on its Weibo and Twitter accounts that its new flagship phone, the P50, is scheduled to launch July 29.

The phone was first teased during the HarmonyOS live stream held in early June. The teaser focused on the camera, which showed four individual camera lenses and two flashes. Huawei CEO Richard Yu said on his Weibo page that the phone will usher in "a new era of mobile imaging."

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Details on the specs of the P50 are light as Huawei hasn’t said anything about the power the phone will have just yet. Although, it's safe to assume (given the teaser) that the new phone will run HarmonyOS which is Huawei’s latest operating system for its future smartphone lines.

Reports from China say Huawei is planning to use the 4G variant of Qualcomm's Snapdragon 888 chip processor. The company initially planned to use its in-house developed Kirin 9000 chips, but due to the chip shortage switched processors.

The Kirin 9000 chip shortage can be attributed to US sanctions enacted out of the belief that Huawei created backdoors into the country’s network infrastructure, which would allow the Chinese government to spy on American citizens.

Huawei Lighting up the Future

Despite denying the accusations, the US government disallowed domestic companies from selling technology to Huawei without approval. The sanctions impacted Kirin chip productions and brought down the company’s market share.

Detailed specs are expected to release soon as the launch date moves closer. There has been no official news or reports about an upgraded P50 model, a "P50 Pro," and no news about if or when the Huawei’s new product will ever have the Kirin 9000 processor.

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