How to Use HTML in Your Yahoo! Mail Signature

If you take advantage of fancy HTML formatting in the messages you send with Yahoo! Mail, you can also take advantage of it in your signature.

Use HTML in Your Yahoo! Mail Signature

To add some rich HTML formatting spice to your Yahoo! Mail signature:

  • Position the mouse cursor over or click the gear icon near your Yahoo! Mail's top right corner.
  • Select Settings in Yahoo! Mail.
  • Go to the Writing email category.

Use HTML in Your Yahoo! Mail Classic Signature

To enrich your Yahoo! Mail Classic signature with HTML formatting:

  • Select Mail Options from the navigation bar.
  • Follow the Signature link.
  • If the HTML toolbar is not yet visible, click Color and Graphics.
  • Enter or edit your signature using HTML tags.
  • Click the Save button.

A Plain Text Signature for Plain Text Emails

Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Mail Classic will only use the HTML code if the message you send is in HTML, too. If you send a plain text message, a plain text equivalent of your HTML signature is used.

Insert Images in Your Yahoo! Mail Signature

If you want to go beyond text even, you can also add an image to your Yahoo! Mail signature.

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