Learn How to Integrate HTML Into Your Yahoo Mail Signature

Change the text color, indentation, and more with HTML formatting

Talaj / Getty Images

It's really easy to make a Yahoo Mail email signature and even include pictures in your signature, but in addition to those options is the ability to include HTML within the signature to make it even better.

Yahoo Mail lets you use HTML in your signature to add links, adjust the font size and type, and more.


  1. Configure your email signature by opening the Settings menu through the gear icon at the upper-right side of the Yahoo Mail website.
  2. Open the Accounts section from the left.
  3. Select your email account in the list under Email addresses.
  4. Make sure Append a signature to the emails you send is selected in the Signature section.
  5. Type the signature you want to use and then click or tap Save when you're finished.

Just above the text box for the signature is a menu for rich text formatting. Here are those options:

  • "Tt": This button lets you pick the style and size of the font.
  • "B" and "I": Use these to make any selected text bold or italic.
  • "A": The following two "A" buttons are for coloring the text or adding a highlight.
  • The next two buttons have to do with lists. Use the first to make a list of bulleted items or the second for an ordered list with numbers off to the side.
  • Next are three buttons for indenting and centering the text.
  • The final hyperlink button will insert a link into your signature.

Yahoo Mail will only use the HTML code if the message you send is in HTML, too. If you send a plain text message, a plain text equivalent of your HTML signature is used instead.

The above instructions only apply to Yahoo Mail when it's being used with the Full featured option in the Settings menu. If you're using Basic instead, you will not see the formatting menu described above.