The 7 Best HTML Editors for iPad in 2019

Write and edit webpages while out and about

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With the increasing size and power of Apple's iPad and iPad Pro, using one as a web development environment has become a realistic alternative to a laptop, especially if you pair it with a Bluetooth keyboard. But even without an added keyboard, it's now possible to create and maintain complex code projects directly from your tablet.

Whether you're a professional web developer, someone who is just getting started, or anywhere in between, there's an iPad HTML editing app that's right for you. Most can work offline, so you can wrangle code no matter where you happen to be. Ranging from lightweight free options to fully-featured, premium editions, dedicated editors to great multi-purpose text environments, we've rounded up eight of the very best HTML editors for iPad. Many will also run on iPhone, albeit with the limitations of a smaller screen, and some even sync up with their desktop equivalents as well.

Our Top Picks

Best Premium Editor: Coda

Coda for iOS


Coda's tagline is "All you need to code websites" and it tries hard to reach that lofty goal. With syntax highlighting for over two dozen languages including HTML and CSS, a context-based row of keys above the on-screen keyboard, custom reusable code snippets, and a special magnifying mode for accurate cursor movement, code entry is about as fast and accurate as it gets on the iPad.

There's a powerful file manager built-in, wildcard search and replace, tab support for fast switching between documents, and an SSH terminal to give you full control over your server environment. If you use the companion Coda 2 app for Mac, the Coda iOS app can even act as an automatic preview screen instead, showing you a view of what you're coding as you do it, with zero effort required.

You pay a premium for Coda, but it has several features you won't find elsewhere as well as regular major updates. If you're serious about your iPad coding environment, it's worth the extra money.

Best for Powerful Features: Textastic Code Editor 7



If there's a particular feature you're looking for from an iPad HTML editor, there's a good chance Textastic will have it. With syntax highlighting for 80+ languages, code completion for HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript, and an extra row of keys with relevant characters, entering code is fast and accurate.

You can connect to Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, and (with a bit of work) Git repositories, or your own servers via FTP/FTPS/SFTP or WebDAV. Unlike many other code editors on iPad, there's full support for landscape mode, split views, and multiple tabs. There's also an inbuilt JavaScript console and SSH command window, plus access to a local file system so you can build the structure of the site on your iPad, then upload it with a couple of taps. Both local and remote HTML previewing is built in.

Reasonably-priced and well-regarded by its users, Textastic Code Editor is an excellent option for professional developers.

Best for Minimalists: Javascript Anywhere

Javascript Anywhere


If all you want is a lightweight free app for text-based development without all the bells and whistles, check out Javascript Anywhere. Despite the name, it supports HTML and CSS editing as well as Javascript via a simple toggle on the editing screen.

Preview your code via the internal browser, and import images and projects from the web so you don't have to start from scratch. Files can be synced using Dropbox, or shared via email. Other than a few interface customizations and project templates, there's not much more to the app than that — the developer deliberately keeps it "minimalist forever."

You may want something with a few more features if you find yourself writing HTML all the time, but for quick coding on the go, it's well worth having Javascript Anywhere installed on your iPad.

Best Multi-Purpose Option: Permanote



Originally called Nebulous Notes, Permanote is a multi-purpose text editor used by developers, journalists, bloggers, CEOs, and anyone else who needs its powerful features.

You can preview in HTML, Markdown, and RTF, and there's an extra row of keys above the standard keyboard with useful text-entry functions that can also be customized with your own macros as needed. TextExpander support is also included, so if you've got that installed, you can use your pre-existing snippets instead.

Permanote works fully offline, syncing up with Dropbox when you reconnect. Smart Keyboard shortcuts are supported on the iPad Pro, along with useful interface tweaks like pinch-to-zoom and full-screen view.

The app is free and ad-supported with the ability to pay a few dollars to remove the ads and get premium support. If you need a high-quality text editor for more than just writing code, Permanote is well worth a look.

Best for Connectivity: Codeanywhere



No matter what kind of server you're uploading your code to, there's a good chance Codeanywhere supports it.

The app connects natively to cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Amazon S3, plus Github and Bitbucket repositories. You can also use its FTP/SFTP/FTPS support to upload and download files from almost anywhere you like.

If you don't have a server already, Codeanywhere will even offer to set one up for you with your choice of development environment. Once you're connected, the app's file browser has all the standard features like upload, download, move, and delete, plus the ability to set permissions (chmod). There's a full SSH client built in as well.

The code editor itself has syntax highlighting for 100+ languages, autocomplete for popular languages including HTML and CSS, regular expression search and replace, auto indenting, and other time-saving features.

The basic version is ​free and has more than enough to get you started, with extra features available via a range of monthly subscription plans.​

Best for Speedy Coding: GoCoEdit



Looking for a development-focused text editor that can help you get more done, more quickly? GoCoEdit has syntax highlighting support for dozens of languages including HTML, and a range of useful features that make coding faster and more enjoyable on iOS devices.

Time-saving features like code hints, auto-indent, and automatic closing of brackets help speed up code entry, and powerful search and replace tools make large-scale changes much faster. The app also adds an extra row of keys to the onscreen keyboard, with custom text snippets and a "trackpad" for more accurate text selection. Common desktop shortcuts like Cmd-C for copy and Cmd-V for paste are also available.

GoCoEdit supports working offline and directly on the server, and syncs with Dropbox and other cloud storage services. You can also upload/download via FTP/SFTP. A preview browser, complete with Javascript console, is built into the app.​

Best Free Option: HTML & HTML5 Editor

HTML & HTML5 Editor


While HTML & HTML5 Editor doesn't boast as many features as paid apps like Textastic or GoCoEdit, this simple editor does a good job of covering the basics — and you can't argue with the price.

The app has syntax highlighting and code autocompletion, supporting use in "landscape mode," which is preferred by many developers. A preview function is included, along with a safety net — as well as undo/redo functions, an automatic backup is created whenever you start editing a file.

A basic file editor is built in, letting you move, delete, rename, and more. Options for moving files off the iPad are limited, with email being the most flexible, but you can at least create and extract zip files to make dealing with multiple files easier. 

This app is a good option for iPad owners with basic HTML editing requirements. Since it's free, HTML & HTML5 Editor is well worth checking out to see if it meets your needs before shelling out on a paid alternative with extra features.