Why You Need These 5 HTML Editors for iPad

Write and edit webpages while out and about

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While it may be tempting to use your iPad only to watch movies and read books, don't overlook the opportunity to do work on it. These HTML editors make it possible to write and edit webpages, blog posts, images, and more. Don't make the mistake of thinking that if you only have your iPad, you can't do any work.

These five apps are an excellent way to edit HTML and other web documents. They allow you to edit webpages right from your iPad without needing a laptop or other intermediate step. Most of these apps are text editors that require a basic knowledge of HTML, but not all of them are.

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HTML & HTML5 Editor

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HTML & HTML5 Editor is an easy-to-use source code editor for iOS devices. It supports HTML code coloring, auto-completion, and intelligence sensing. It has a file preview function and support for redo and undo. The files are automatically backed up as you work.

With HTML & HTML5  Editor, you can view, copy, move, rename, email, and delete files and folders. Import photos, and extract files from a compressed zip file.

Requirement: iOS 8 or later.

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HTML Egg Website Creator

HTML Egg Web Page Creator
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HTML Egg Website Creator is a neat little no-code WYSIWYG editor that you can use to edit webpages without knowing HTML. Use touch gestures to add images, text, and links to your website. The app syncs with the desktop version of the application on a Mac for a comprehensive work environment.

HTML Egg Website Creator comes with professionally designed templates to get you started, or you can start with a blank canvas. Add widget integration with YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Requirement: iOS 8 or later

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Espresso HTML

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Entry-level coders will be happy with the Espresso HTML app, a simple HTML and JavaScript editor for testing on-the-fly scripts and webpages. Experienced developers can prototype websites while they are away from their computers. It is great for experimenting and learning coding. 

Requirement: iOS 5 or later

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FTP on the Go PRO
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You might not think of FTP On The Go PRO at first when you're thinking of HTML editors for the iPad, but this FTP client has all that you probably need and more. While it doesn't have some of the features such as syntax highlighting that you might want, it has some extras that most of the other HTML editors don't—like graphics editing right inside the app.

Use the app to view and edit HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, and ASP files. Use it when you are out of the office and need to edit a file or when you need to view a document on the server. 

Requirement: iOS 8 or later

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Textastic Code Editor 6

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Although not solely an HTML editor, this fast and versatile code, text, and markup editor supports syntax highlighting for more than 80 programming and markup languages. Textastic Code Editor 6, with a split view on iPad, a JavaScript console, and live local previews in Safari, supports FTP, WebDAV, Dropbox, Google Drive and others along with iCloud Drive.

Requirement: iOS 10 or later