HTML Codes for Punctuation and Other Characters

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There are a number of characters that you may want to use on a website, like ¶ and ©, but these characters do not appear on a standard keyboard. This means that you cannot simply type the characters into your web page and expect them to appear. To use these characters, you must add the codes for them to your site's HTML markup. 

There are also some special characters that don't really fit into any specific category.

Things like card suits (♠, ♣, ♦, and ♥), arrows (←, →, ↑, and ↓), gender symbols (♀ and ♂), and musical symbols (♩, ♪, ♬, ♭, and ♯) may be needed for certain websites.

The following list includes the HTML codes for punctuation characters not in the standard character set. Not all browsers support all the codes, so be sure to test your web pages before you launch them for the world to see.

Note that some punctuation characters are part of the Unicode character set, so you need to declare that in the head of your document with the meta charset tag.

HTML Punctuation Special Characters

DisplayFriendly CodeNumerical CodeHex CodeDescription
    Horizontal Tab
    Line Feed
!!!!Exclamation Point
""""Double Quote
####Number Sign
''''Single Quote
((((Left Parenthesis
))))Right Parenthesis
****Asterisk (Star)
////Forward Slash
????Question Mark
@@@@At Sign
[[[[Left Square Bracket
\\\\Back Slash
]]]]Right Square Bracket
{{{{Left Curly Brace
||||Vertical Bar
}}}}Right Curly Brace
~˜~~Vertical Bar
Single Low Quote
&dbquo;Double Low Quote
Double Dagger
Left Single Angle Quote
Left Single Quote
Right Single Quote
Left Double Quote
Right Double Quote
 Small Bullet
En Dash
Em Dash
Right Single Angle Quote
    Non-Breaking Space
¡¡¡¡Inverted Exclamation Point
¦¦¦¦Broken Vertical Bar
ªªªªFeminine Ordinal Indicator
««««Left Angle Quote
¬¬¬¬Not Sign
­­­­Soft Hyphen
®®®®Registered Symbol
²²²²Superscript 2
³³³³Superscript 3
µµµµMicro Sign
Pilcrow (Paragraph Sign)
····Middle Dot
¹¹¹¹Superscript 1
ººººMasculine Ordinal Indicator
»»»»Right Angle Quote
¿¿¿¿Inverted Question Mark
 Care Of
 Superscript N
§§§§Section Mark
¨¿¿¿Inverted Question Mark
 Horizontal Bar
 Triangle Bullet
 Double Exclamation Point
 Number Word

Other Character Codes

Note: Not all of these characters will display on every browser, be sure to test before you rely on them for your website.

DisplayFriendly CodeNumerical CodeHex CodeDescription
Spade card suit
Clubs card suit
Diamonds card suit
Hearts card suit
Left arrow
Right arrow
Up arrow
Down arrow
 Female Indicator
 Male Indicator
 Quarter Note
 Eighth Note
 Two Eighth Notes