My Thoughts on the HTC 10 Camera and Samples

HTC announced that their new phone, the HTC 10 - their flagship phone, will compete if not take the top spot for smart phones as far as the camera goes.  HTC has been trying different things with their cameras on their phones and historically, has not been able to get there just yet to compete with the likes of the iPhone and Samsung.


Well I am here to tell you all that the HTC 10 will make its mark and that as a mobile photographer, I was really impressed with what the 10 is able to do. Here are my thoughts on the HTC 10 and the images I captured with it.

HTC 10 Sample. Brad Puet

I was given a demo phone in the beginning of April to test out.  The phone already had the latest update to their camera at that time but was constantly being updated which shows that HTC really listens to its loyal base of consumers. I tested the A9 last year and although it was an ok experience, I have to say the 10 is leaps and bounds better than that device.

HTC 10 Sample. Brad Puet

Actually my first impression is based on the user experience that Android and HTC delivered.  The A9 was my first Android phone.  The user experience for me as it being my first was not that great. I did not delve into the rest of the phone and really just stayed in my lane with the camera.  However the 10 gave me a different experience. The HTC folks told me that it was not going to be as clunky of an experience because they have been working with Google on not duplicating apps.  Brilliant.  Truth be told, this is why the Apple experience is so admired and loved. This move by HTC and Google is best move they could have done. My user experience jumped notches.

HTC 10 Sample. Brad Puet

The HTC 10 sports a 12 MP sensor with a fast f/1.8 aperture. It has OIS - optical image stabilization and also includes laser autofocus. When I first had received the demo, it was faster than the A9 but slower than my iPhone 6. After an update or 2, the phone got really quick and my worries of the camera being too slow was calmed.

HTC has the UltraPixel techonology which means that the pixels captured by the sensor is larger than a normal pixel and also captures more data. The larger the pixel, the more data - the better the imaging. The autofocus is really fast and when I tested the camera in low light situations the sensor captured really great detail without too much noise. The comparison shots I took with my iPhone in the same situation could not keep up. All of my shots were taken handheld, so camera shake could have been an issue but was not at all.

HTC 10 Sample. Brad Puet

The fast f/1.8 aperture also captured awesome depth of field.  The bokeh effects was outstanding.  I tested the camera also by pointing it at the sun.  As you can see, it did quite well. 

If you are into selfies, the front camera takes 5 MP images with OIS also. I believe that this is the only front facing selfie camera that has OIS. So that means if you take good selfie photos already, this is going to help you get from good to great. No blur on your selfies will make for great selfies. It is probably the best right now for front facing cameras. Selfie lovers rejoice!

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HTC 10 Sample. Brad Puet

 The HTC 10 is a really good phone with a great camera. The native camera apps include a point and shoot camera, a camera with pro mode settings, video, time lapse, slow motion, and some other specialty apps. 

From a photography perspective, this is probably the best camera phone to be released. If you are looking at a new camera phone, I do highly recommend the HTC 10.