HP's Officejet Pro 8210 Single-Function Inkjet Printer

Excellent print quality, decent print speed

HP Officejet Pro 8210
HP Officejet Pro 8210, a single-function color inkjet. Photo courtesy of HP


  • Fairly low price
  • Good print quality
  • Automatic two-sided printing
  • Print Microsoft Word and PowerPoint slides from USB drive
  • Instant Ink ready


  • Cost per page could be lower

Bottom line: Single-function, or print-only, inkjet printers are rare, but if that’s what your application calls for, you should certainly give HP’s $129.99-MSRP a thorough look-over. 


Single-function, or print only, consumer-grade inkjet printers are few and far between, but most of the leading inkjet printer makers make at least one, as is the case with HP’s $129.99-MSRP Officejet Pro 8210, the topic of this review.

For that $130, you get a relatively fast color printer capable of churning out superb-looking brochures, reports and other business documents, with the caveat of a slightly too-high cost per page that, compared to some other printers, renders it to light duty. (What do you expect for under $150?) But if all you need is to churn out a few hundred pages or photos each month, the Officejet Pro 8210 can do that, and then some.

Design and Features

At 23.6 inches across, or from side-to-side, by 19.7 inches from front to back, by 9.8 inches tall, and weighing in at 19.8 pounds, the 8210 isn’t too big to sit on most desktops comfortably. In fact, at less than 10 inches high, and lacking an automatic document feeder, or ADF, it can slip in comfortably beneath most low-hanging shelves or cabinets.

You can connect to the printer via Wi-Fi or directly to a single PC via USB, though the later will preclude the printer from connecting to the Internet, thereby missing out on many of this printer’s cloud and other mobile connectivity features.

The control panel consists of a small monochrome LED for selecting options, including setting up Wi-Fi Direct and several other features (although Near-Field Communication, or NFC, is not available).

Performance, Print Quality, and Paper Handling

The Officejet Pro 8210 is rated at 22 pages per minute, or ppm, for single-sided (simplex) printing and 18ppm for double-sided (duplex) pages. As usual, though, these are pages designed to print ideally on this printer—about 5 percent coverage with all black-and-white text consisting of fonts native to the printer. Most business documents (and even most personal ones), on the other hand, consist of highly formatted text, business graphics (i.e. charts and tables), and photographs.

When you start adding these elements to your documents, print speeds tumble—on all printers, not just this one. In this case, though, I got about 6.3ppm simplex and about 5.1ppm duplex, which frankly isn’t bad at all for a printer in this price range.

As with most Officejet Pro printers, this one prints great-looking documents. Text is crisp and clear down to around 6 or 7 points, which is excellent for an inkjet printer. Color graphics came out well-detailed and accurately colored, as did photos. In fact, photos were a bit better than expected from this so-called office-based printer.

As for paper handling, the 8210 comes with only one input source, a 250-sheet input drawer, which is ample, but since there’s only one input source, you’ll have to unload and reconfigure the drawer for printing envelopes and other off-size media. This printer is designed to print, and it really doesn’t care what.

Cost Per Page

HP offers two sizes of cartridges, standard and XL, and the printer is eligible for the company’s Instant Ink program, which, depending on what and how much you print, could save you money. But let’s begin with the XL ink tanks. When you use the XL ink cartridges with this printer, your cost per page will come out to about 2.6 cents each for monochrome pages and 8 cents for color, which, frankly, isn’t bad for a low-cost machine like this one.

If you hold your page count down to about 200 to 300 pages each month, these CPPs are about right. There are, however, circumstances when HP’s Instant Ink program will provide you with a better deal and saving on your overall print costs. As described in this About.com “HP’s Instant Ink” article, if you print primarily photographs, Instant Ink can deliver the best cost per photo in the business.

The End

The Officejet Pro 8210 really is a nice little printer, and HP offers enough options for buying ink to help get the best usage costs. As entry-level, single-function machines go, this is a good one. It prints well, relatively quickly, and if you spend a little time matching your print needs to the most practical ink delivery product for this printer, it should serve you well.