HP ZR22w 21.5-inch LCD Monitor Review

HP ZR22w 22-inch LCD Computer Display
HP Inc.

HP's ZR series of professional displays has been discontinued and replaced by the the Z series professional models. If you are looking for a more current monitor, I suggest checking out my Best 24-inch LCD Monitor list.

The Bottom Line

With a price tag of just $289, HP's ZR22w is one of the most affordable 22-inch class displays to offer an IPS panel that provides it with some excellent color and viewing angles. The panel offers full support for 1080p HD video and uses an anti-glare coating rather than more prevalent glossy coatings. It is just too bad that HP decided not to include an HDMI connector on the screen.


  • Colorful IPS Panel
  • Support For 1080p HD Video
  • Anti-Glare Coating


  • Could Use HDMI
  • Blacks Aren't As Dark As Some Other Displays


  • 21.5-inch S-IPS Panel With 1920x1080 Resolution
  • 1000:1 Contrast Ratio (3000:1 Dynamic)
  • 210 cd/m^2 Brightness
  • 8ms Response Time (Grey-to-Grey)
  • 178 Degree Horizontal and Vertical Viewing Angles
  • DisplayPort, DVI, VGA, 4-port USB 2.0 Hub
  • Stand Provides Height, Tilt, Swivel and Pivot Adjustments
  • Includes DisplayPort, DVI, VGA and USB Uplink Cables

Guide Review - HP ZR22w 21.5-inch LCD Monitor Review

Aug 6 2010 - HP's new professional series of ZR monitors offer some extremely strong values for those looking at high color accuracy monitors. The ZR22w is the smallest and most affordable of the series with a 21.5-inch panel and a price tag of just $289. This makes it one of the most affordable displays to use the IPS panel technology that offers higher levels of color and increased viewing angles. The panel also uses the 16:9 aspect ratio along with a higher resolution 1920x1080 to give it a slight edge on many other similar sized displays that cannot reach the full 1080p HD video resolutions.

One of the biggest problems with many new LCD monitors is the brightness right out of the box. The brightness levels of the ZR22w are more subdued with just a 210 cd/m^2 rating compared to the 300 to 400 that many 22 to 24 inch monitors have. This has the benefit of preventing the whites from overpowering the user and doesn't require that it be turned down to get the most effective color range. While the larger ZR monitors use LED lighting, the ZR22w uses a more traditional CFL backlight.

In terms of the color, the ZR22w has some excellent color right out of the box thanks to the IPS panel. Those doing serious graphics work will still want to use a color calibration tool to ensure the highest level of color accuracy. After using my calibration tool, the color was shifted slightly higher in the green levels but many would probably not be able to tell the difference that readily. It should be noted that the black levels were a bit warmer than some other 22-inch displays that offer deeper blacks.

Like its larger siblings, the HP ZR22w offers a good number of connectors including DisplayPort, DVI and VGA but fails to include one of the most prevalent, HDMI. This is probably the most popular digital interface for laptop computers and even for desktops. It would have been nice for HP to include this connector as well.

HP markets the ZR series of monitors as being very green with 25% recycled consumer waste used in production and 85% efficient power adapters. In my testing, the ZR22w consumed roughly 25 to 30 watts at full brightness and just 2 watts in sleep mode. The casing of the ZR22w is much thinner than the ZR24w model and also feels a bit sturdier but it still is composed mostly of plastics.

While the HP ZR22w is certainly more expensive than many consumer level 22-inch LCD displays, the panel is just too great of a deal for those looking to get a high quality display with exceptional color. It may not have the same color gamut as more expensive professional models but it is a great deal for graphics professionals or consumers.