HP Reveals New Workstation Laptops and Displays

The Z24q monitor will be available in May

HP has revealed new entries to its Z lineup of workstations: the ZBook Studio G9 and Fury G9 laptops and the Z24m and Z24q monitors.

Both ZBook entries are similar in form and function, but the Fury G9 is the more powerful of the two as it has a better processor. The same goes for the Z24m and Z24q; they're both similar performing monitors, but the former houses a tiltable 5MP webcam and noise-canceling mics.

HP ZBook Fury top down view


HP refers to the Fury G9's processor as a "desktop-class Intel 55-watt CPU," which may be referring to the recently revealed Intel Core i9-12950HX, as it has 55W of power. Apart from that, it can come with either an NVIDIA RTX A5500 or an AMD Radeon Pro GPU depending on the model, allowing for 8K video editing.

The Studio G9 is a little weaker with an Intel Core i9 vPro CPU. You have a choice between the RTX A5500 GPU or GeForce RTX 3080 Ti, both of which are powerful video cards. Both have access to NVIDIA Studio software, including Omniverse, Broadcast, and Canvas.

Aside from the webcam, the Z24m features HP's Auto Lock and Awake, a proximity sensor that ensures your privacy is safe. Other than that, both monitors are Quad HD displays with a 90Hz refresh rate, and also have VESA Display HDR 400 for better color accuracy.

HP Z24q monitor


The Z24q will release in May with a starting price of $374. The Z24m has no announced price, but is expected to launch in July.

Both laptops are in a similar situation; no official price and they're expected to launch this June. Prices will be revealed closer to their release date.

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