HP Reveals New Chromebook With Detachable Keyboard

Also, a new Chrome OS All-in-One desktop

HP has partnered with Google and Qualcomm to unveil two new Chrome OS-based devices.

On Tuesday, HP revealed two new Chrome OS-based computers, including a Chromebook featuring a detachable keyboard and stylus, as well as the world’s first Chromebase all-in-one desktop with a rotating display.

The new devices announced by HP.


The first of the new devices, the HP Chromebook x2 11, includes a CNC aluminum unibody design with a magnetic keyboard and kickstand which offers up to 170-degree positioning. Those looking for a less portable solution can purchase the new HP Chromebase 21.5-inch all-in-one desktop.

HP also announced the new HP M24fd USB-C monitor, which pairs seamlessly with Chromebooks and other accessories.

The Chromebook x2 is built around the Snapdragon 7c compute platform, which is designed for cloud-based operating systems like Chrome OS. Users can expect up to 11 hours of battery life, and the Chromebook X2 will feature 4G LTE support, as well as Wi-Fi 5 built-in. It also comes with a rechargeable stylus pen and full touch support.

The Chromebook x2 11


The second device unveiled was a new all-in-one desktop running Chrome-OS. The HP Chromebase 21.5-inch All-in-One Desktop will include the previously mentioned rotating display and is designed to work as a social hub for your home. HP says the machine will run off Intel-based processors, with support for up to a 256 GB solid state drive and 16 GB of memory. 

The company says both the Chromebook x2 11 and the Chromebase 21.5-inch should be available this fall, depending on the retailer, and both will start at $599.99. Both devices will be available at retailers like Best Buys in August, though the Chromebook x2 will go on sale on HP.com in October.

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