HP's Massive 2016 Product Rollout

Massive Updates and An All New Product Line

HP's March Madness - debuts and new product lines.
Photograph courtesy of HP

While most of us weren’t looking, a few months ago HP, the Palo Alto technology giant, split into two separate entities: Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and HP, Inc. The former caters to larger entities, in the form of servers and other data center equipment, while the latter plays the role we’ve all been used to—printers and PCs. To that end, HP, Inc. has updated much of its small and medium-size business (SMB) offerings, including starting an all-new product line, “PageWide Pro and PageWide Enterprise.”

In addition to PageWide Pro and PageWide Enterprise products, though, HP is also debuting new products in its OfficeJet Pro and LaserJet Pro lines, as well as OfficeJet Mobile—roughly around 20 to 25 single-function and multifunction printers, including PageWide and standard inkjets, as well as a couple of LaserJets.

PageWide Pro

Essentially, the PageWide Pro line replaces the previous OfficeJet Pro X line of PageWide-based machines. Two of the most popular were the OfficeJet Pro X576dw Multifunction Printer and the single-function OfficeJet Pro X551dw Color Printer. I’ll be reviewing Pro X576dw’s replacement, the $899.99 MSRP PageWide Pro MFP 577dw, on the same day it is released, too.

In addition to being fast, PageWide printheads churn out exceptional quality, in many cases far surpassing laser and standard ol’ everyday inkjet quality. The most exceptional aspect of this line of printers has been its low cost of operation, on a per-page basis—its low cost per page, or CPP.

PageWide Enterprise

For the most part, enterprise-grade printers are a bit beyond the scope of the Printer/Scanner section of About.com. These machines typically have huge capacities, large, highly customizable display panels, extensive security options, and expandability—and they’re expensive.

OfficeJet Pro

OfficeJet is, of course, HP’s placard for its small office and workgroup printers, and OfficeJet Pro caters to larger businesses or at least businesses with larger print volumes.

Some OfficeJet Pro models, such as the OfficeJet Pro 8630, have had illustrious careers as extremely popular and reliable MFPs. The 8600 series is being replaced by the OfficeJet Pro 8700 series—​including the 8630, which is being replaced by the OfficeJet Pro 8740.

According to HP, this new midrange and high-volume SMB printers have been severely tweaked to bring them more in line with business-centric MFPs. For example, all aspects of the machines—the legal-size, single-pass scanners, faster print speeds, face-down pages, low CPPs, and expandability—are more business-oriented.

LaserJet Pro

Everybody knows “LaserJet,” which was one of the first commercial brand laser printers. (My first LaserJet was black-and-white and cost well over $2,000. Today you can buy color LaserJets for a few hundred dollars.) HP’s LaserJet stable is huge. The company recently revamped its toner and toner cartridges to be more efficient and use less power, thereby allowing for smaller, less-costly-to-use machines.

HP has been releasing LaserJets right and left for the past year or so, with only a couple being released on the big March 8 release date. About.com has looked at several LaserJets lately, including the Color LaserJet Pro M452dw.

OfficeJet Mobile

A while back we looked at HP’s two mobile printers, the OfficeJet 150 Mobile All-in-One Printer and the single-function OfficeJet 100 Mobile Printer. This year, HP, Inc. has upgraded both of these relatively expensive mobile road warriors; the new ones are known as the OfficeJet 200 Mobile Printer and the OfficeJet 250 Mobile All-in-One.

Yes, these are very handy little printers when you’re on the road and need to whip out a contract, or perhaps scan some critical information on-the-fly. In any case, while these miniature devices perform near miraculous tasks (for their size) on the fly, they’re not cheap, and their CPPs are usually quite high.

Even so, if you really need this type of machine on the road and are able to discipline yourself to use it, it should be a big help.