HP ENVY Recline 23 All-In-One Review

HP ENVY Recline 23
Hewlett-Packard Company

HP continues to produce their ENVY lineup of all-in-one desktop PCs but they have discontinued the Recline version with its ability to lay the monitor flat. It is still possible to find this model from some retailers and through the used markets. If you are looking for a more current model, be sure to check out our Best All-In-One PCs.

The Bottom Line

Review from Jan 15, 2014

HP's new ENVY Recline 23 all-in-one system does a very good job at balancing its features. The system has a nice level of performance thanks to its desktop processor, solid state hybrid drive and dedicated graphics. The touchscreen display also offers a wide range of adjustments making it easier to use. It even offers some great audio. All of this is marred though by the placement of its HDMI and USB 3.0 ports and the lack of an HDMI output for those that might want to have a secondary display.


  • Highly Adjustable Display
  • Better Performance From SSHD and Dedicated Graphics
  • Excellent Audio Quality


  • Poor Location For USB 3.0 and HDMI Ports
  • No HDMI Output For Second Display


  • Intel Core i5-4750T Dual-Core Desktop Processor
  • 4GB PC3-12800 DDR3 Memory
  • 1TB 5400rpm SATA and 8GB Solid State Hybrid Drive
  • 23" WUXGA (1920x1080) Multitouch Display With NVIDIA GeForce GT 730A 1GB Graphics
  • Intel HDA Audio With Stereo Speakers
  • Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11a/g/n Wireless, Bluetooth
  • Two USB 3.0, Two USB 2.0, HDMI (in)
  • 22" x 17.9" x 10.4"
  • Windows 8

HP's ENVY Recline 23 is the company's latest all-in-one system that replaces the previous ENVY TouchSmart series that looked pretty much identical to the lower cost Pavilion TouchSmart all-in-one. The design has been changed around so that the monitor portion is much slimmer and more of the computer components are placed into the wedge base for the screen. In addition to this, the stand has the ability to fold or recline in this case to provide a much lower angle that is beneficial for frequent touchscreen work. It should also be noted that the base holds a subwoofer that helps provide the system with some superb audio for its design.

Powering the base configuration of the HP ENVY Recline 23-k100xt is the Intel Core i5-4570T dual-core processor. Now, this is a desktop class processor that trades having four cores for two which run at a higher clock speed. This can be beneficial for those that tend to not multitask or do heavy tasks such as desktop video work. It certainly provides much better performance than those systems that rely on laptop processors which is becoming slightly more common. HP only configures the system with 4GB of memory rather than 8GB which is more common for discontinued at this price range which is disappointing. It doesn't impact Windows much more but it can slow down the system when heavily multitasking.

Storage for the HP ENVY Recline 23 is a bit different from many other all-in-ones on the market because the system comes with a solid state hybrid drive. It combines a one terabyte hard drive with 8GB of solid-state storage. This provides it with a slight boost in performance over a basic hard drive particularly when the system is booting into the operating system. It can also benefit those applications that are frequently used but with the small amount of SSD cache, the cache can get purged quickly if a large number of applications are used frequently. If you do need additional storage, the system has two USB 3.0 ports for attaching high-speed external storage. The only downside here is that they are on the bottom left of the display rather than on the base which can make cabling a bit conspicuous. Like many other systems, HP has elected to remove the optical drive meaning that if you need DVD or CD playback and recording capability you will need to add an external drive.

The HP ENVY Recline uses a 23-inch display panel that features the standard 1920x1080 display resolution. It offers a nice level of brightness, color, and contrast and has some wide viewing angles thanks to the IPS technology panel. It is fully multitouch compliant which is nice with the Windows 8 operating system and is quite responsive. It is especially nice that it folds down flat to the desk if you will be using the touchscreen heavily and thanks to the wide stand and base, there is a minimal shake or bounce when it is being touched. Rather than relying on the integrated graphics built into the Core i5 processor, the system features an NVIDIA GeForce GT 730A graphics processor. Now, this is not a high-end graphics processor but it does offer a bit more acceleration options than the integrated option. Don't expect to be playing modern 3D PC games at high resolution or detail levels but it can be used for casual PC gaming at lower detail and resolution levels. There is an HDMI input to allows an external video device to be attached to the system but the downside is that the connector is on the lower left hand of the screen similar to the USB 3.0 ports.‚Äč

Pricing for the HP ENVY Recline 23-K100xt with the base configuration fluctuates between $1099 and $1199. At this price point, there are three primary competitors, Dell, Sony, and Toshiba. The new Dell Inspiron 23 uses a very similar computer in the base design but relies on mobile rather than desktop processors to produce a slightly more compact design. The downside is that it is not as fast as the HP and lacks the audio capabilities. Sony's VAIO L series is likely to be updated soon because it still relies on the 3rd generation Intel processors and has a slightly higher price tag. It also does not have the ability to fold down but has slightly better video in capabilities. Finally, the Toshiba Satellite PX35 is a bit more affordable and like the Sony does not fold back but is slightly more affordable at $1000 and has more peripheral ports.