HP's PageWide Pro MFP 577dw Multifunction Printer

The Illustrious OfficeJet X576dw MFP Replaced by 577dw

HP PageWide Pro MFP 577dw
HP PageWide Pro MFP 577dw. Courtesy of HP

HP’s announcement of its fixed PageWide-based printheads a little over three years ago impressed me then. Printers based on this technology turned out to be some of the fastest and cheapest-to-use printers on the market. Also impressive now, though, are HP’s latest PageWide-based models dubbed simply “PageWide Pro” or “PageWide Enterprise,” hence, here’s Lifewire.com’s review of the flagship PageWide Pro model, the $899.99-MSRP PageWide Pro MFP 577dw. Other reviews in the new series will follow.

This isn’t, of course, printscan.lifewire.com’s first encounter with HP’s fixed PageWide array printhead. Here, for example, is an Lifewire.com review of the 577dw’s predecessor, the OfficeJet X576dw Multifunction Printer. As you can see (and as I said earlier), it impressed me then, just as this newest PageWide printer impresses me now.

Design & Features

Compared to a conventional moving inkjet printhead that slides back and forth across the page printing small sections at a time, the alternative printhead technology fixed PageWide array prints much like a laser printer, by imaging the entire page in memory and then placing it on the paper via one quick pass beneath the stationary printhead. That’s what makes this printer unique compared to other inkjets, but it’s also what makes it fast and why it prints so well.

A 4.3-inch touch display allows you not only to configure the device, but also to handle any walkup, or PC-free, printing, scanning, or copying. It comes with a 50-sheet legal-size (8.5x14 inches) auto-duplexing automatic document feeder, or ADF, as well as a legal-size scanner, and the auto-duplexing print engine will also flip legal-size sheets to print the other side.

As with most HP printers of late, this one comes with a ton of mobile connectivity features, including access to various cloud sites, and Wireless Direct, HP’s equivalent to Wi-Fi Direct, as well as Near-Field Communication, or NFC. In addition, also like most other HP printers, this one provides access to hundreds of HP’s printer apps, which provide content for all sorts of applications.

Performance, Print Quality, Paper Handling

How about:

  • Performance = Great
  • Print quality = Exceptional
  • Paper Handling = Good

Seriously, this is one fast printer. If all you’re printing is text, it screams, and it’s none-too-shabby when printing business documents loaded with graphics and photos, either. And print quality, especially text, looks every bit as near-typesetter-quality, as do the leading laser printers. In fact, I couldn’t really find anything to complain about, as long as I started with quality content.

Out of the box, the 577dw comes with two input sources, a 500-sheet drawer up front and a 50-sheet override (or multipurpose) tray that folds down from the left side of the chassis, for a total of 550 sheets from two sources. However, if that’s not enough you can add two more 500-sheet paper drawers, a bin for holding supplies, and a stand with wheels for moving the superstructure around. When all said and done, the total input capacity is 1,550 sheets from four sources—extensive capacity and versatility.

However, as of this writing, HP was unable to provide prices for these accessories.

Cost Per Page

You can buy three different sizes of in ink tanks for this printer, but the most economical are the middle yield-size, or high-yield cartridges. The extra-high-yield cartridges, while they are in deed quite big, don’t provide the best cost per page, which are: eight-tenths of a cent for black-and-white pages and 6.5 cents each for color. Granted, like laser printer toner cartridges, these big ink tanks are expensive, but not over the long haul, where it counts, on a per-page basis.

Overall Assessment

My advice for the X576dw was that if you have a lot of printing and copying to do, and your organization isn’t for one reason or another locked into laser output, buy that printer. My advice for the 577dw replacement is the same. The more you print, the more it will save you.