How Twitch Streamer LIZZ Became the Platform’s Emerging Singing Gamer

What can’t she do?

Story-driven games, RPGs, art, and a little singing are the ingredients that make LIZZ an innovative presence in the world of streaming on Twitch. This single monikered force is a rising star sure to capture audiences' attention with her infectious personality, talented gameplay, and impressive vocal ability.  

Twitch streaming LIZZ


"I still fear that one day it will turn out I had some dedicated person view-botting me for all this time," she said in a written interview with Lifewire. "I am just sitting there playing video games and singing, and I have hundreds of people watching this? Crazy."

A content creator across platforms, YouTube and Twitch primarily, LIZZ is brimming with talent. She’s looking to continue capturing audiences' attention and hoping to never wake from this dream come true. 

Quick Facts

  • Name: LIZZ
  • Located: Switzerland 
  • Random Delight: Multi-talented artist! While she shares pieces of her art on stream, as a side-gig she runs her own freelance art business under the name “LizzArt.” Her commitment to design found a home on her channel. Everything, from emotes to sounds, is created by her for her. 
  • Quote: "Don't compare yourself to others, compare to your past self and see how far you've come."

From Europe, With Love

Originally from Germany, LIZZ grew up in a quaint border village near Schleswig. Population? A meager dozen. She retorts there were more cows than people. But life was bittersweet in the German backcountry. Small, tight-knit communities often breed conformity, and the young LIZZ was anything but a conformist.   

"I had a rough childhood and didn't agree with their values," she said about her parents. "[They] had very conservative, old-fashioned ways to raise my brother and me."

Through the troubles of growing up, one bright spot was the virtual world of video games. Her father was a casual gamer, and among his collections were now-iconic titles such as Tomb Raider, which she would watch along with her brother until her father would eventually pass the sticks to them. 

It was love at first play. She’s been infatuated with gaming ever since, starting with consoles and PC games such as The Sims, Counter-Strike, and The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. She would eventually turn that passion into a profession, starting on YouTube after seeing German playthroughs of the 2018 survival-horror title The Forest

"At that point, I had just started getting back into gaming after a few years without a PC. I wanted to give [streaming] a try…[it] started as a hobby, with the faintest dream of making a living with it one day," she wrote.

In less than a year, she’d switch to Twitch. Horror-based video games were her initial foray, and audiences enjoyed her interactive, energetic streaming style. Before long, she had people flooding into her live streams, where she grew quickly and made her way to Twitch Partner status in no time.

Building a Community

Three years on the platform has been good to the streamer, who boasts 20,000 followers—a dedicated fanbase she affectionately calls The Lizzards. Allured by her chaotically demure demeanor, this diverse community has uplifted LIZZ to incredible heights. 

"They are great people. Kind, supportive, understanding, smart, funny. I found great friends amongst them, too," she said. "I am so grateful people take the most precious thing they have in life, their time, which is so limited, to spend it with me and my people. I could never do this without them!" 

Twitch streamer LIZZ playing a games while streaming


The typical LIZZ stream blends the best gaming elements with the captivating power of artistry. Not only a gamer, LIZZ is an all-around artist with talents in both traditional art and music. She closes most streams with a song, blending the worlds of music and gaming on the streaming platform. 

Often, these songs fit the theme of her streams: gaming. Relying heavily, but not solely, on recreating her own version of songs from game soundtracks. 

Her proudest accomplishment is the community she’s cultivated. Their commitment to her, and each other, she notes, is an inspiration for her to continue making big splashes in this streaming world where so few people like her excel. 

"It all started with very little experience. [I had] no idea what to expect or what people [wanted] to see. I think many other content creators have similar learning curves," she said. "I always focused on the community over anything, and I consider myself very lucky; I got the best!"

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