How to Zoom in on an Email in iPhone Mail

Woman holding iPhone
Tara Moore / Getty Images

The big screen on most iPhones is handy for everything from watching videos and playing games to viewing HD photos, but it's not always so great when you can't read text or view the details of an image.

Some emails fill so much of the screen that the text becomes too small to read. Other times, the email simply contains text so small that you have to squint to read.

Fortunately, you can simply zoom in on an email to see more detail, including not only text but also any images that are embedded in the message.

How to Zoom up in Emails

There are two ways to enlarge part of an email through the iPhone Mail app:

  • Double-tap on the area of the email that you need a closer look at. You should immediately be zoomed to that location.
  • If double-tapping doesn't work, or you want finer control over the zoom level, start with two fingers wherever you want to zoom, and then press and drag them apart from each other to "stretch" the screen out and effectively make the text/images larger.

Double-tapping sometimes does not work as well as pinching because it relies more on viewing whatever rests between two margins, whereas pinching lets you choose exactly where to zoom and how close you want to go.

You can return to normal view by reversing either of those actions - either double-tap again or pinch inward. Closing out of the Mail app (swiping up to close it) will reset the zoom level as well.

Zooming Works in Other Apps, Too

The "pinch to zoom" action and double-tap works on related applications on the iPhone too, as well as other iOS devices like the iPad and iPod touch.

For example, you can zoom closer to text and images on Safari as well as third-party apps like the Chrome and Opera browsers, as well as the Gmail app. The same is true for images you've saved to your device and even the Camera app when zooming in before taking a picture.

However, zoom is not supported in the majority of apps on the iPhone. You cannot usually zoom in on a game you're playing or zoom into a video you're streaming from the internet. Zoom also does not work on the iPhone lock screen or home screen, in the App Store, in most calendar apps, etc.