How to Watch Yellowstone

Watch on Peacock, or catch the prequel on Paramount+

What To Know

  • To stream Yellowstone without a cable subscription, use Peacock or FuboTV.
  • To stream 1883, the prequel series, use Paramount+.
  • New seasons of Yellowstone air weekly on the Paramount Network cable channel.

This article explains where to stream Yellowstone and its prequel series, 1883. It only covers streaming Yellowstone on subscription services; it doesn't address watching the series on cable or on streaming TV services, or buying episodes or seasons from platforms like Amazon Prime and iTunes.

Where to Watch Yellowstone

One of TV's biggest hits in years, Yellowstone focuses on the lives, loves, and struggles of the Dutton family, who the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, the largest in Montana. Throughout the course of four seasons (so far), John Dutton (Kevin Costner) fights to protect his land, his business, and his family in a rapidly changing American west.

You can stream Yellowstone on two platforms (as of this writing): Peacock and FuboTV. Peacock is NBCUniversal's answer to HBO Max, Disney+, and Netflix, and it's packed with original series, movies, and well-loved classics. FuboTV is more like a live-TV streaming platform that adds on-demand shows as well.

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You can watch Yellowstone via Peacock and fuboTV in your browser or via apps on most popular platforms and devices. Both Peacock and fuboTV offer a 7-day free trial, so you can start watching Yellowstone right away and then decide if you want to stick with the subscription. After the free trial, Premium Peacock plans (required to watch Yellowstone after the trial) start at US$4.99, while fuboTV subscriptions start at $69.99/month.

Peacock has all four seasons of Yellowstone, and new episodes appear on the service after the whole season airs on Paramount Network.

As of this writing, FuboTV only offers some episodes from Season 3 of Yellowstone, but that's been different in the past and may change again in the future.

Where to Watch 1883, the Yellowstone Prequel Series

Yellowstone's first spinoff, 1883, is a prequel that details how the Dutton family first came to Montana and how they acquired the land that the present-day Yellowstone series focuses on. 1883 stars country-music star Tim McGraw as James Dutton, the great-grandfather of Yellowstone's John Dutton. Fellow singer Faith Hill (McGraw's real-life wife) also appears as Margaret Dutton, James' wife.

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Unlike the main Yellowstone series, 1883 is only available on Paramount+. This makes sense: Yellowstone airs new episodes on the Paramount Network cable channel, and the series is produced and released by Paramount. It's a quirk of contracts and timing of the launch of Paramount+ that Yellowstone isn't on Paramount+ (but it probably will be someday). So, when creator Tyler Sheridan came up with this prequel, it went right to Paramount+.

Like Peacock, Paramount+ offers a 7-day free trial, after which plans start at $4.99 a month.

Paramount+ has the entire first season of 1883 (which is all that's been released so far). When the next season starts, episodes will appear on the service they day after they air on Paramount Network.

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