Watch Vudu on Apple TV

If you are a fan of Vudu, you can happily watch Vudu movies and TV shows on your Apple TV. In fact, watching Vudu on Apple TV is a great experience because it supports Apple TV's voice functions such as fast forwarding or rewinding using the Siri remote combined with English-language commands like: "back up three minutes" or "skip ahead thirty minutes." 

Siri can even tell you what movie you're watching in case you forget, but first, you'll need to download Vudu onto your Apple TV.

How to Start Watching Vudu on Apple TV

  1. First, open the App Store on your Apple TV; this is the blue icon with the A on it.
  2. When you open the App Store, you will be on the Featured page. Swipe right on the top menu and choose Search. If you don't see the top menu, swipe down on the remote to reveal it.
  3. The easiest way to search for an app is to ask for it. Hold down the Siri button on the remote and say, "Vudu."
  4. If Siri has trouble understanding you, or you simply feel funny talking to your TV, you can use the remote to spell Vudu out. If your iPhone or iPad is nearby, you can also use the keyboard on your mobile device, provided it's connected to the same network and Apple ID account as the Apple TV.
  5. Choose Vudu from the list of apps in the search results.
  6. On the Vudu page, select the Get button to download the Vudu app; it is a free download.
  7. After the app downloads, the Get button will change to an Open button. Select it to launch the app.

How to Sign Into Vudu on Apple TV

Now that Vudu is downloaded on your Apple TV, you need to sign into your Vudu account to start watching. You need an existing account to use Vudu with Apple TV. Unfortunately, you can't create a new account inside the app, so if you haven't already started using Vudu, you need to create an account on another device such as a laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

Vudu on Apple TV
The quickest way to sign in to Vudu on your Apple TV is to sync with the Vudu app on your iPhone or iPad.  Vudu, Inc.
  1. After launching Vudu, scroll to the Settings menu at the top. If the top menu isn't showing, tap the Home button on your Apple TV remote.
  2. The Account setting should be chosen by default. If not, choose Account, then select the Sign in button.
  3. You can sign in using your Walmart account or your Vudu account. If you have Vudu installed on your iPhone or iPad, you can sign in using your device by launching the app, navigating to Settings and choosing Account. This will sync your account across devices without the need to manually enter your account information.

How to Rent and Buy Movies on Vudu for Apple TV

While you can watch purchased or rented movies or TV shows using the Vudu app, and you have access to the full Movies on Us free movie catalog, you can't rent or purchase movies using the Apple TV Vudu app.

Apple charges a 30% commission for all in-app purchases, which includes digital media like music, books, and movies. Instead of passing this on to the customer (you!), providers like Vudu and Amazon simply disallow buying or renting in the app. Instead, you can buy or rent movies on almost any other device using the Vudu website. This includes your iPhone or iPad so long as you're using the Safari browser to go to Vudu's website instead of the Vudu app itself.

Once you buy or rent a Vudu movie on another device, it should appear on your Apple TV in seconds. Lastly, while Vudu on Apple TV supports UHD/4K movies, you'll need the Apple TV 4K model before you can watch 4K movies.