How to Watch Sports on Amazon Prime

Catch live games online with these sports channels

What to Know

  • On Amazon Prime Video, select Channels > Your Sports > See More. Select a sports channel.
  • Next, start a free trial or subscribe to the channel and enter your billing information.
  • At game time, go to the channel in a web browser or the Prime Video app to watch a live broadcast.

This article explains how to watch live sports using Amazon Prime Video. Additional information covers which sports are available to watch on the platform.

How to Watch Live Sports on Amazon Prime Video

Here's how to add a subscription-based sports channel like MLB.TV to your Amazon Prime subscription.

  1. Navigate to Amazon Prime Video and select Channels.

    The Channels option on Amazon Prime Video.
  2. Scroll through the channel offerings until you see Your Sports. Select See More.

    Scroll through the channel offerings until you see Your Sports. Click See More.
  3. Select MLB.TV (or another sports channel).

    Amazon Prime Video sports channels with MLB.TV highlighted
  4. Click the MLB.TV banner.

    Amazon Prime Video channels with MLB.TV highlighted
  5. Depending on the channel, you'll see options such as Start Your Free Trial or Subscribe. For MLB.TV, you'll see All Team Pass and Single Team Pass. Click on the option you want.

    Click on an option to subscribe to
  6. Verify your billing information, and click Start your free trial.

    Amazon Prime Video channel subscription page with Start your free trial highlighted
  7. To watch live sports, return to the channel when a game or match is live. Do this in a web browser by navigating back to the Amazon Prime Channels page and locating the channel. If there is a live game available, you will see it on the channel page.

    You can do the same thing through the Prime Video app on your phone or streaming device:

Some content, such as old games from NBA League Pass and MLB.TV, is free with your Amazon Prime subscription. If a game has a Watch Now button instead of a subscription button, you can stream it for free.

What Sports Can You Watch on Amazon Prime?

Your Prime subscription comes with lots of sports-based content, including documentary series, free live sports, and subscription-based channels.

Some of the Amazon add-on channels that have sports include:

  • Paramount+: Paramount+ (formerly CBS All Access) offers a plethora of CBS sports, including basketball, baseball, and football. You'll need a Paramount+ subscription to access the channel through Prime Video.
  • NBA League Pass: This channel features every single NBA game. If you're a basketball fan, this is a great option.
  • PGA Tour Live: This channel broadcasts most PGA Tour matches throughout the year, with a few exceptions.
  • MLB.TV: This channel provides live access to out-of-market games, making it a great way to watch many teams. Nationally televised games and games that are broadcast in your area aren't included.
  • How do I watch live sports on the Roku for free?

    Roku has a variety of channels that offer live TV streaming options. You can stream many live sports on the Roku Channel and on channels such as Outside TV, Adventure Sports Network, and Stadium.

  • How do I watch live sports on my Firestick?

    You can install a variety of apps on your Firestick to watch live sports, including ESPN+, YouTube TV, fuboTV, and even the NFL app.

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