How to Watch Sling TV on Apple TV

Watch your favorite shows and movies, including live TV

What to Know

  • Sling has an app you can download from the App Store on the streaming box.
  • To browse live shows, swipe left, right, up, and down through the featured categories and shows. To start watching a show, click on it.
  • Click Guide to peruse channels. Click Sports to see what sports are on. Click Search and enter a term to find a show, movie, or channel.

This article explains how to watch Sling TV on an Apple TV set-top box. Combine Apple TV's simple user interface with Sling TV's offerings, and the great picture and sound of your TV, and you have a terrific entertainment combination.

How to Download Sling TV and Set It Up

Watching Sling on Apple TV is simple. Just follow these steps to get everything set up:

  1. Subscribe to Sling TV. You can do this on the Sling TV website.

    You can only subscribe to Sling through its website. There is no in-app subscription in the tvOS app.

  2. If you haven't already done so, set up your Apple TV. This includes the initial configuration of the device, connecting the device to your TV and your home internet connection, and signing into your Apple ID.

  3. Use the Apple TV Siri Remote to open the App Store app.

    Screenshot of Apple TV app store
  4. Search for Sling TV. In the search results, click Sling TV, then click Install to install the Sling TV app on your Apple TV.

    Screenshot of Apple TV app store search results
  5. Sign into the Sling TV app using the username and password you set up when you subscribed in Step 1.

  6. With your subscription created, the app installed, and you signed in, you're ready to start watching Sling TV on your Apple TV.

Sling TV app on Apple TV

Using the Apple TV Sling App

Once you've got the Sling TV app running on your Apple TV, using it to watch TV is easy. Just use the remote to open the Sling TV app. Here are some of the common things you may want to do with Sling TV:

  • Browse Live TV: To browse the shows that are on now, swipe left and right and up and down through the featured categories and show. To start watching a show, click on it.
  • Channel Guide: Prefer a classic TV Guide-style interface? Click Guide, then swipe up and down through channels, and side to side through time slots. Click a show to start watching it.
  • Sports: To see only what sports are on, click Sports, then click the game you want to watch.
  • Search: To search for shows, channels, or movies, click the magnifying glass and then enter the name of the show, movie, or channel you're looking for.

You can also watch Sling TV on Apple TV using AirPlay. If you don't want to install Sling TV on your Apple TV, but you have the app on your iPhone or iPad, or use the website on a Mac, you can mirror your device's screen to your TV.

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