How to Watch 4K Movies on Amazon Prime

Discover Amazon Prime's 4K content

What to Know

  • Look for the HDR icon or mentions of UDH or Ultra HD in the Amazon Prime Video TV app.
  • Search for 4K content in the app or on the web using a phrase like Amazon 4K movies.
  • The device you search on must support 4K to show 4K content. A smart TV with the Prime app works best.

This article explains how to locate and watch 4K movies on Amazon Prime. Instructions apply to the Amazon Prime app and website.

How to Find Amazon Prime Video 4K Films and Series in the Apps

Watching 4K movies on Amazon Prime Video is a great way to enjoy a more cinematic experience at home, but Amazon 4K movies and TV shows are notoriously hard to find. Unlike other streaming services such as Disney+ and Netflix, the Amazon Prime Video apps don’t clearly say which content is 4K or not in any uniform way.

Here are some of the best ways to locate 4K video content on Amazon Prime Video.

Look for the HDR Icon

One way to spot 4K content on the Amazon Prime Video TV apps is to look for the HDR icon when browsing. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and typically only 4K films and shows will be presented with this feature.

Amazon Prime Video Xbox One app with HDR tag

Some 4K content doesn’t offer HDR so using this method won’t work for finding all 4K media.

The HDR icon only seems to show when browsing the Amazon Prime Video TV apps and doesn’t appear on individual item pages. Icons do not appear when browsing on the mobile apps.

UHD Is 4K on Amazon Prime Video

Another method for spotting 4K content on Amazon Prime Video is to check for any mention of UHD or Ultra HD. Amazon 4K content is sometimes referred to as UHD instead of 4K so anything with this designation will play in the resolution you want.

Amazon Prime Video Xbox One app with UHD feature.

On the apps, UHD labelling is used on Amazon Prime Video content that can be rented or purchased, not on free content that can be streamed as part of your Amazon Prime subscription.

Search for '4K' in the Amazon Prime Video Apps

This may seem a bit unintuitive to those who are used to using other streaming apps, but actually doing a search for 4K content in the Amazon Prime Video app will pull up a list of all of the 4K content on offer.

Amazon Prime Video Xbox One app.

This will show everything on Amazon Prime Video that has 4K, so it’s a good idea to refine the search by trying something like "4K TV Shows," "4K Movies," or "4K Documentaries." You can also search for a specific title, and add '4K' to see if it's available in the higher quality version.

Use the Web to Search for 4K Movies on Amazon Prime Video

The Amazon Prime Video mobile and TV apps are extremely limited when it comes to their ability to search the service’s massive content library, let alone locate 4K movies and TV shows. By far the easiest way to find 4K Amazon Prime content is to use the official Amazon Prime Video website.

Unlike the apps, each product page on the Amazon website that supports 4K features a UHD badge next to its age rating. This makes it much easier to see what resolutions are available.

Amazon Prime Video 4K Movies and TV Shows category web page.

Unlike the apps, UHD badges only show on item pages, not when browsing.

The Amazon website also sports a 4K category featuring all of Amazon Prime Video’s 4K films and series which are much easier to browse here in a web browser on a computer or tablet than on a smartphone or TV screen.

Once you find a 4K show or movie you want to watch on the website, all you need to do is hover your mouse over its icon and click Add to Watchlist. This option is also available on a show or film’s details page as well.

Amazon Prime Video 4K Movies and TV Shows category web page.

Your Watchlist preferences sync to all of the Amazon Prime Video apps that you’re logged into which means that whatever you add via the website will show up in your Watchlist on your TV, gaming console, or smart device.

What You Need to Get 4K Movies Streaming

If you’re not seeing any references to 4K or UHD in your Amazon Prime Video app, it's likely your device doesn’t support watching movies and shows at that resolution. To stream 4K content on your TV, it will need to be at least a 4K TV. Your TV’s manual should mention if it supports 4K resolution. If in doubt, you can also Google its model number.

If your 4K TV is a smart TV that supports the Amazon Prime Video app, you should be set. If you’re using the app on another device that’s connected to your TV though, that device will need to support 4K as well.

Not all streaming sticks and video game consoles support 4K content. The Xbox One doesn’t support 4K, for example, but the Xbox One X does.

Once your hardware is all set, you may also need to check your internet connection. If your internet is too slow, the Amazon Prime Video app won’t play 4K no matter how great your TV is. An internet connection that’s at least 15Mbps for streaming 4K content is recommended. 

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