IPad Mail: View a 1-page PDF Attachment with Annotations

Watch out! - Shakespeare's advice on being careful
Annotated page. Marco Rosario Venturini Autie/Getty Images

When somebody helpfully shows you something and then does not show you everything, what do you do? You talk to them, of course.

Sometimes software helpfully shows you something, as when iOS Mail displays a PDF file attachment right inside the message's body. But it isn't showing you everything. For instance, iOS Mail can leave out the annotations or other markup the sender added to the PDF you received. What do you do to see those annotations? 

You tap it, of course. With but two simple taps, you get the PDF to display in Quick View—no longer inline, but including annotations.

View a One-page PDF Attachment with Annotations in IPad Mail

To open a PDF file attachment (which iOS Mail for iPad shows inline) in a fuller Quick View display (that includes PDF annotations):

  • Tap the PDF file displayed inline in the message and hold until a menu comes up.
  • Select Quick Look from the menu.
  • Tap Done to return them to the message.

(Updated October 2014, tested with iOS Mail 8 for iPad)