How to Use Your Mac as a Bluetooth Keyboard for Apple TV

Simplify text entry with the Typeeto app

What to Know

  • Download Typeeto on your Mac and open the Bluetooth settings on both devices.
  • Connect your Apple TV with your Mac directly in the Apple TV's Bluetooth settings.
  • To use Typeeto with an iOS device, tap Pair next to the device's name in the Bluetooth settings on your Mac.

This article explains how to use your Mac as a Bluetooth keyboard for your Apple TV.

How to Use a Mac With Your Apple TV

Typeeto is an app that makes it easier to enter text into the search box on an Apple TV. Follow these steps to set up Typeeto:

  1. Download Typeeto from the Mac App Store. You install the software on your Mac. There's no need to install it on your Apple TV. After you install it, an app icon appears in the Mac menu bar.

  2. Open the Bluetooth Settings on the Mac.

  3. Open the Bluetooth Settings on the device you want to use (Apple TV, in this case). Both devices should be visible to each other.

  4. Connect your Apple TV with your Mac directly in the Apple TV Bluetooth Settings. A small window with the name of the Apple TV and a dialog urging you to start typing appears.

The Typeeto App for Mac

Typeeto is an app that makes it easier to enter text into the search box on an Apple TV. With it, you can use your Mac keyboard to type text to an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or Android device. It was initially launched in 2014 and attracted positive interest from the beginning. You can find Typeeto at the Mac App Store.

While it may seem less useful if you already use a wireless keyboard with Apple TV, it is helpful if you want to use your Mac laptop to enter text on other devices. It is also convenient if you don't want to dedicate two keyboards to the task: one for your Mac and another for Apple TV.

What Typeeto Does

With Typeeto on an Apple TV, you can search for topics by typing a term in the search field, use media key controls, and copy and paste text from the Mac, which comes in handy when you want to perform a complex search.

You can also use Typeeto with other devices. That makes it useful when you need to type lengthy amounts of text into your iPhone, Android, or iPad. It may make it a little easier to use one of your mobile devices as an extension of your Mac desktop. You can choose between light and dark themes.

Chart showing all devices compatible with Typeeto

Typeeto doesn't recognize the virtual Touch Bar buttons on the MacBook Pro models, which means you can't use those shortcuts when you type from a Mac to another device using the app.

Using Typeeto With Other Devices

To use Typeeto with another iOS or iPadOS device, tap the Pair button next to the iOS device's name in the Bluetooth Settings on your Mac. A code appears on the screen of the Mac and the iOS device.

After you confirm the codes are the same, the app is ready to use. A small floating window appears with the name of the device you want to type to and a dialog instructing you to start typing.

To make it a little easier to use Typeeto with multiple devices (your Apple TV and iPhone, for example), you can assign a keyboard shortcut for each of those devices, enabling you to toggle between them quickly when you type.

After installing Typeeto on your Mac, you can set it to launch automatically as a Startup Items app in System Preferences; otherwise, you must launch it manually when you need to use it.

Typeeto Benefits

When it comes to the Apple TV, the app provides a feature that should already be possible. It is strange that a person cannot use a Mac to type to Apple TV without it. While the app isn't free, it is easy to install and easy to use, making it a valuable addition to any Apple TV owner's toolkit. The app is compatible with OS X 10.9 or later.


If you don't have Typeeto, there are other ways to enter text on your Apple TV. If you have an iPhone with iOS 12 or later or an iPad with iPadOS 13 or later, you can enter text using the Apple TV Remote in the Control Center of the iPhone or iPad, as long as both devices are signed in using the same Apple ID and Wi-Fi is enabled on the iOS device. You can also interact with the Apple TV by giving Siri voice instructions.

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