How to Use Uber Rewards and Referrals

Earn Uber credits and even become an Uber VIP

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One way to keep the cost of Uber rides down is to make use of Uber's various rewards programs: Uber Rewards, Uber's referral code system, and Uber VIP. Uber Rewards and the app's referral code system are rewards programs available to all Uber riders as long as it's available in their city. Uber VIP, however, is only available to riders who are also customers of certain credit card companies.

Learn what each rewards program has to offer, how to sign up for Uber Rewards, and how to use Uber referral codes.

Instructions given in this guide include steps for signing up for the Uber Rewards program, as well as how to use Uber referral codes within Uber's mobile apps.

Uber Rewards and Uber Credits

Uber Rewards is essentially a loyalty program based on a points system. Uber Rewards program members can earn points for every dollar spent on Uber car rides and Uber Eats meals. Basically, Uber gives you one point for every dollar spent on rides with UberPool and ExpressPool, and with your meals purchased via Uber Eats.

Members can also earn double points for dollars spent on rides from UberX, UberXL, and Select; triple points for dollars spent on rides from Black and Black SUV.

Uber Rewards points can be redeemed in $5 Uber Cash increments, every 500 points. Each $5 Uber Cash reward can be used to pay for Uber rides or Uber Eats meals.

"Uber Cash" and "Uber credits" are used interchangeably because they're both the same cash bonuses Uber rewards its customers with. Once referred to as "Uber credits," Uber has since changed the name of these bonuses to "Uber Cash."

Uber Rewards Membership Levels

There are different membership levels that Uber Rewards members can earn; each level has different perks. From lowest to highest, they include Blue, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

If you've earned less than 500 points, you're a Blue member. Blue members don't have any other perks apart being able to earn points and redeem them for $5 in Uber Cash. Gold members are those who have earned at least 500 points, and perks include Priority tech support from Uber and Flexible Cancellations, which entitles them to refunds if they cancel a ride and "rebook" within 15 minutes.

Uber Rewards members can reach Platinum status once they earn 2,500 points. Platinum status members get all of the perks that Blue and Gold members get, price protection on UberX between the two destinations "you ride between the most," and priority airport pickups. Price protection provides protection from higher prices during busy hours.

Lastly, Diamond level members get all of the above perks plus four additional perks once they earn the 7,500 points necessary to become a Diamond level member. Diamond-only level perks include premium support, "highly rated" drivers, complimentary upgrades, and free delivery on three Uber Eats meals every six months. The complimentary upgrades are surprise upgrades to premium Uber rides (such as Uber Black) when you reserve an UberX ride.

According to Uber, the Uber Rewards program is available in all U.S. cities. The best way to ensure it's available in your city is to open your Uber app and see if there's an invitation to join waiting for you. It should pop up on your main screen.

How to Sign Up for Uber Rewards

To join the Uber Rewards program, you'll have to do so via the Uber mobile app.

  1. Open the Uber app on your mobile device.

  2. On the main map screen, select the Hamburger menu icon located in the upper-left corner of your screen.

  3. Select Uber Rewards.

  4. You'll then be taken to a screen with some basic information about the rewards program. At the bottom of this screen, select Join for free.

  5. The next screen will show you the Uber Rewards program Terms and Conditions. Review them, then select Accept.

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What Are Uber Referrals?

Using Uber referral codes is a way to earn discounts on Uber rides by inviting your friends to sign up for the Uber app.

Basically, every Uber user is given a special invite code they can share with their friends. If you share your special invite code with a friend and that friend signs up for Uber using your code, Uber will reward both of you with discounts on Uber rides.

According to the app, friends who use your code to sign up for Uber will get a $2 discount on their first three rides. The person who shared their code gets a $5 discount on their next ride once the newly signed up friend takes their first Uber ride.

Discounts can only be used in your own country and they expire within 60 days if you do not use them.

How to Use Uber Referral Codes

To take advantage of the Uber Referral code discounts, you'll need to access and share your special invite code with your friends. This can be done via the Uber mobile app.

  1. Open the Uber app on your mobile device.

  2. Select the Hamburger menu icon in the upper-left corner of your main map screen.

  3. Select Free Rides.

  4. Your special invite code should appear at the bottom of the screen in a white text box. You can share your code in one of two ways:

    • Select Invite Friends at the bottom of the screen, choose a contact from the list to share the code with.
    • Select the three connected dots icon located within the special code text box, then choose one of the messaging app options. There should be a pre-made message containing your special code. From here, you can send your code as you would any other message from your desired app.
    A series of three screenshots showing how to use the Uber referral codes within the Uber mobile app on an Android device.

Uber VIP: A Special Rewards Program for Certain Credit Card Holders

Uber VIP is an exclusive rewards program for certain American Express cardholders. Uber VIP was once available to a limited number of loyal Uber customers regardless of whether or not they were Amex cardholders, but with the rise of Uber's Rewards program, Uber has opted to exclude non-Amex cardholders from using Uber VIP.

Uber VIP Perks

There aren't many perks that come with being an Uber VIP member, but the few perks it does have are pretty useful. The smaller, lesser-known perks of being an Uber VIP member include only being matched with Uber drivers who have a 4.8 star rating or higher, and only being matched with "high-quality cars" driven by Uber VIP drivers.

The biggest perk of Uber VIP, however, is the annual $200 Uber Cash bonus that VIP members receive just for being a member with an American Express Consumer Platinum card or Centurion card. According to Uber, not only are these cardholders eligible to be Uber VIP members, they're also eligible to receive a $200 Uber Cash (credits) bonus. The bonus is essentially $200 in Uber credits, paid out in monthly increments every year you're an Amex cardmember.

Every month, Uber VIP members are given $15 in Uber Cash to use every month, except in December, when Uber VIP members are awarded a $20 bonus in addition to the $15 in Uber Cash that they normally get.

Th $200 Uber Cash reward can be used on all Uber services in the United States, but the monthly rewards expire at the end of every month if they are not used; the credits do not roll over.

It's also worth mentioning that Uber considers the Uber VIP program and the Uber Rewards program to be completely separate from each other, so it's permitted for Uber users to claim rewards from both rewards programs.