How to Use the Over App for Android and iOS

Add text and overlays to your images—for a price

Serial photographers and type geeks alike will be thrilled to discover Over. It's an Android and iOS app that combines both images and type into one app that you can use on your Android device and your iPad. You could, for example, snap a photo on your Nexus phone, massage it in Aviary on your iPad, save it to your Photos and then open it in Over to add a watermark. Total time from image capture to Over image: Less than 10 minutes.

The app offers some limited capability, but to unlock most features, you must subscribe. As of May 2020, subscriptions run $9.99 per month or $69.99 per year. The annual subscription includes a seven-day free trial.

How to Get Started With Over

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The Over app prompts you to pick from a series of templates that offer a structure to your final composite image. A few basic templates are free, but most of them require a premium subscription. Get started by pressing the yellow plus icon on the bottom of the screen.

Pick any template—called a feature layout—then add the photos, and customize it by adding text, visual overlays and equivalent tools. Alternative, create one from scratch by first specifying a background. After you pick a background or a template, tap each image placeholder to upload a photo from your camera roll, and tap objects like text overlays to add annotations.

When you're finished, use the Share icon to transmit your image externally or to your local files.

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