How To Use The Over App

The Open App interface is shown
The Open app , shown here on an iiPad, is ideal for adding text to your images.
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Getting Started With The Over App

A name and graphic are added to an image created in Over.
Adding watermarks, captions and icons to your device's images is a breeze with Over.

 Being a serial photographer and a “type wienie” you might understand how thrilled I was to discover Over. Here was an Android and iOS app that combined both images and type into one app that I could use on my Nexus 5 and my iPad. I could , for example, snap a photo on my Nexus phone, massage it in Aviary on my iPad, save it to my Photos and then pop over to Over to add a watermark. Total time from image capture to Over image : Less than 10 minutes.

Feel free to download the app to your Android or iOS device and let’s get started.

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How To Get Started with Over

The opening screen for the Over App
Choose a Photo from from your Library or take one using the Camera.

When you launch Over, the first thing you are asked to do is to select the image to be used. On the left will be a series of thumbnails showing the photos on your Camera Roll or Image Gallery. You can tap a thumbnail to open an image. If you can’t find the image, tap the Library button to locate an image on your device. Tap the Camera button to shoot a picture. 

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How To Use The Over Interface

The Over Interface is shown.
You can add text or art to your photos or use the Option wheel for more choices.

When the image appears you will see a couple of tabs – Text or Art – on the left side of the screen.These will allow you to input and format text or to add some prepackaged clip art. You can also make in-app purchases of clip art and fonts if the current offering doesn’t meet your needs.

The Yellow Triangle on the right opens up an Options wheel which you can rotate with a drag. The options are:

  • New: Remove your current project and start a new one.
  • Photos: Open a photo from your device.
  • Store: Make an in-app purchase
  • Add: Add Text or Art.
  • Edit: You can Crop or Tint the image. Tint isn’t properly named. It is more of a Brightness control than anything else.
  • Font: Choose an installed font or make an in-app purchase.
  • Save: Saves the image to your Camera Roll.
  • More: Think of this as being the app’s Info panel.
  • Share: Send the image to Facebook, Twitter, Path, Instagram, IM, Email or Pinterest on iOs or to your Google Photos account on Android.
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How To Add Text In Over

The text - Double Tap To Edit text- is placed over the image.
Adding text is rather easy. Just tap the Text tab and a text block is added.

When you tap the Text tab you will be prompted to “Double tap to edit text”.  When you do,  the keyboard , color chips and a text input cursor will appear. In this example I decided to enter my Twitter handle, @TomGreen. I liked the white color and when finished, I tapped Done.

Next I dragged the text  into position. If you want to rotate the text ,place two fingers on the screen and rotate them.

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How To Format Text In Over

The Text formatting options are shown.
Text formatting is a rather robust feature of Over.

With the text in place you can format the text by selecting Edit from the Options wheel. Your choices are:

  • Color: Slide along the color bar to change the text color.
  • Size: You have two choices here. Press and Hold on the + or – button to increase or decrease the font size. Another way is to pinch the text  in or out to decrease or increase the font size.
  • Opacity: Press and hold or Tap the + or – minus button to increase or decrease the opacity.
  • Rotate: Tap the up or down arrows to rotate the text.
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How To Change A Font In Over

The list of available fonts is shown.
Use the included fonts, add your own or purchase foints from within the app.

The first thing you need to know about the font choices in Over is, they differ between the iOS and Android versions. For example, Roboto is available on my Android version where as it is replaced with Helvetica Neue on my iPad. This is not a “deal killer” because you can add your own fonts to Over.

To change the font, select Font from the Options wheel and tap on a font. The text will change to the font tapped. You can also purchase fonts and Font Packs from within the app.

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How To Add Graphics to Over

A set of icons in Over are shown
Use the artowork that comes with Over or make an in-app purchase to add a graphic.

Over contains a couple of packages of pre-installed clip art though you can purchase other collections from within the app.

To add a clip art symbol, tap Add on the Over options wheel.

Select the Icon you would like to use from the collections and choose a colour. Once you are satisfied tap OK. From there you can use the Pinch-Zoom technique to make it larger or smaller or open the Edit options and make your changes there.

Once you are satisfied, tap Save on the Options wheel and the image will be saved to your Gallery (Android) or your Camera Roll (Mac).