How to Make a Google Docs Envelope Template

Print free envelopes with an add-on

Google Docs doesn’t make creating envelopes an easy process. Unlike other word processors, there aren’t menu buttons or envelope templates built-in to instantly create a pre-sized page for you to build upon.

There is, however, add-on support. You can install a Google Docs envelope add-on to access a list of page sizes that transform the document in seconds. All you need to do is edit it with names and addresses, and you'll be ready to print your own envelopes.

These directions work from the desktop site in any modern browser, like Chrome, Edge, etc.

Install an Envelope Template Add-on

Printing envelopes primarily involves choosing the right page size. Google has a handful of preset sizes in the Page setup setting, but we’ll use an add-on to make it even easier.

  1. Go to Extensions > Add-ons > Get add-ons.

  2. Search for an add-on like Set A* Page Size that supports changing the paper size.

    Select it when you see it and then choose Install followed by Continue (you might also need to give it permission to access your Google account). This is what we'll use for the rest of this article.

    Screenshot of the Google Docs envelope template addon Set A Page Size
  3. Close out of the install confirmation box and add-on window, and then open the document you want to use as the envelope. It’s fine if it already has addresses written in it, or you can start from scratch.

  4. Return to the Extensions menu, but this time choose Set A* Page Size to see a full list of all the supported paper sizes.

    Screenshot of the set a page size addon preconfigured page sizes
  5. Select one of the sizes to immediately transform the document. You’ll need to know what your envelope size is so you can match it in millimeters.

    If the envelope size you need isn't listed, you can opt for a different add-on called Page Sizer, which lets you set any size. If you are totally lost when it comes to envelope sizes, here's a list of standard envelope sizes; there are also conversions between millimeters and inches.

Add Addresses to the Envelope

Now that the envelope-sized page has been created, you can edit it to include addresses and names. Make the font any color and size you want just as if you were editing a normal document.

Screenshot of an envelope template in Google Docs

You’ll most likely need to double-click in the header section to write the return address. The Tab key is your friend here, so you use it when you need to for alignment purposes.

If you need the return address to sit closer to the left margin, feel free to change the margin size via File > Page setup. Set the left margin to 0 so that you can fine-tune exactly where the address should sit.

Screenshot of the Google Docs page setup settings with margins at zero

Make a Google Docs Envelope Template

With the page configured exactly as you need it for the envelope, with addresses positioned correctly, you now have yourself an envelope template. You can edit over it when you need to print other envelopes, or turn it into a template by copying it as many times as you need to.

Go to File > Make a copy to duplicate it and preserve the original. Name it something different and edit it with a different address to make another envelope.

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