How to Use the Chrome Password Manager

Use Google's password manager to view, delete, and save passwords

What to Know

  • Go to Google's Password Manager online and sign in with your Google account. Select an account.
  • Select View to see a password or Copy to copy a password or email. Select Edit to change a password or email.
  • Select Delete to remove an account from your saved passwords. Select Settings to configure password options.

This article explains how to locate, manage, and configure Google's Password Manager via your Google account in the Chrome browser. Also included are instructions for using Password Checkup to evaluate your passwords.

Manage Your Passwords in Google Password Manager

To manage your passwords, launch the Chrome browser and follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Google Account password manager and sign in if prompted.

    Google account password manager website
  2. Select a site to view its account and password. In this example, we'll use a Google account. (Optionally, search for an account via the search function.)

    Google Password Manager withe a Google account highlighted
  3. On the account page, select View (eye icon) to view the password. Select the Copy icon to copy the password or email address.

    Google Password manager account with View and Copy highlighted
  4. To edit an account's email address or password, select Edit.

    Google Password Manager account with Edit highlighted
  5. Change your username or password, then select Save.

    Google Password Manager account edit box with edit fields and Save highlighted
  6. To delete a password and remove it from Password Manager, select Delete.

    Google Password Manager account with Delete highlighted
  7. Select Delete again to confirm.

    Google Password Manager with Delete highlighted

Password Manager Configuration Options

The Password Manager has several configuration options available via Settings.

  1. Select Settings (gear icon) from the main Password Manager page.

    Google Password Manager with Settings highlighted
  2. Turn on Offer to save passwords if you'd like to be prompted about saving passwords for the accounts you access in Chrome.

    Google Password Manager with Offer to save passwords option highlighted

    Turn off Offer to save passwords if you don't want to use the Google Password Manager.

  3. Select Auto sign-in to automatically sign in to websites using stored credentials.

    Auto sign-in option highlighted on Google Password manager

    If you turn off Auto sign-in but have turned on Offer to save passwords, Chrome will remember your usernames and passwords, but you'll need to select the sign-in button manually.

  4. Select Password alerts to have Google notify you if your saved passwords are found online.

    Google Password Manager with Password alerts highlighted
  5. Google Password Manager also allows you to import or export passwords. Select Export or Import, and follow the prompts.

    Google Password Manager with Import and Export highlighted

How to use Password Manager's Password Checkup

Google Password Manager includes a handy tool that helps you check the health of your passwords. You'll see if any passwords have been compromised or repeated as well as how strong they are.

  1. From the main Password Manager page, select Go to Password Checkup.

    Google Password Manager with Go to Password Checkup highlighted
  2. Select Check Passwords. You may be prompted to enter your Google account password.

    Google Password Manager with Check Passwords highlighted
  3. You'll see a report highlighting any compromised, reused, and weak passwords. Select a category for more information or to change your passwords.

    Google Password Manager's password checkup results

If you're uncomfortable having your browser store your passwords, consider using a third-party password manager. Evaluate any product's security practices and read reviews to ensure the product is right for your needs.

  • How do I turn off Google Password Manager?

    To turn off Google Password Manager in Chrome, go to the upper-right of the screen and select More (three dots). Select Settings > Autofill > Passwords, and then turn off Offer to Save Passwords.

  • How safe is Google Password Manager?

    Google's Password Manager in Chrome has several security vulnerabilities users should be aware of. For example, the Suggest Passwords feature generates relatively simple passwords. Also, its security is tied directly to your device's security. Anyone with access to your device has access to all your passwords, which is a huge security concern.

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