How to Use Snap Spectacles

Taking Snapchats with Spectacles just takes the press of a button

What to Know

  • Spectacles take pictures and videos entirely on their own, meaning they don't rely directly on your phone to work.
  • Pressing the button on your Spectacles will take a 10-second video. Holding the button will take a picture.
  • Once taken, Snaps will automatically appear in the Snapchat app on Android and can be imported there in iOS.

This article explains how to use Snapchat Spectacles.

Spectacles work like any camera connected wirelessly to your phone: They take images and videos and then share them with your phone, which can in turn send these off as Snaps. You can't control the Spectacles with your phone, however.

How Do You Use Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat Spectacles work with the Snapchat app, and though they don't take pictures or videos and save them directly to your phone, through the Snapchat app the process is designed to be effortless.

While wearing your charged, connected Spectacles, press the button on the Spectacles to take a 10-second video; press it twice to take a 20-second video, and press it three times to take a 30-second video.

Press and hold either button on your Spectacles to take a picture.

How Do You Access Snaps on Spectacles

Snapchat Spectacles work with the Snapchat app on iOS and Android.

On most Android devices, connected Spectacles, after they've taken Snaps, will automatically upload their stored Snaps to the Memories tab in the Snapchat app. From there, they can be edited and sent off as Snaps to your friends or assigned to your Snapchat Story.

On iOS, connected Spectacles, after they've taken Snaps, will pop a notification telling the user Snaps are ready to be imported, taking the user to the Memories tab in the Snapchat app where an option to import Snaps will appear. From Memories, Snaps can be edited and sent off as Snaps to your friends or assigned to your Snapchat Story.

After Snaps appear in the Snapchat app, i.e. they've been uploaded off Spectacles and onto your phone, they will automatically be deleted off the Spectacles themselves.

Tips on Using Snapchat Spectacles

Since everything happens on the Spectacles directly, until Snaps are uploaded to your phone, you won't know when recording stops unless you pay attention to your Spectacles.

Once recording begins on Spectacles, an LED on the inside of the glasses you'll be able to see will appear. An LED will also light up on the outside of the glasses when recording to alert those around you you're recording.

Right before a 10-second or 20-second recording ends, the LED on the inside will flash, and you can press the Spectacles button again to add ten seconds of recording time.

Snaps taken on Spectacles are taken in circles, meaning that on a phone, if you rotate your phone all 360 degrees of rotation will show more of the Snap.

  • How do I pair Spectacles on Snapchat?

    To pair your Spectacles, put them on, open Snapchat on your mobile device, and tap your profile icon or picture. Tap Settings (gear icon) > Spectacles, then press one of the Spectacles buttons for seven seconds; you'll see the inner LEDs flash white, then yellow. Enter a name for your Spectacles, then select them in your Accessory list. Choose your location data privacy preference, then you'll see a Pairing Successful message.

  • How much are Snapchat Spectacles?

    The price of a new pair of Snapchat Spectacles can vary; often they're a few hundred dollars. Visit the Spectacles by Snap Store for the latest pricing information. Older and used models often can be found at greatly discounted rates, so be sure to check Amazon and eBay, as well.

  • How do I charge Snapchat Spectacles?

    To charge your Snapchat Spectacles, connect the USB power source that came with the Spectacles to an outlet, then connect the power source directly to your Spectacles. Once they've been connected, you'll see the LED on the outside of your Spectacles flash. They'll take between 30 minutes to an hour to charge, depending on their initial charge level.

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