How to Use Firefox Browser's Scratchpad

Write and test JavaScript in real time

Firefox offers many handy tools for developers, including integrated web and error consoles as well as a code inspector. It also had Scratchpad, a tool that lets programmers toy with their JavaScript and execute it from right within a Firefox window. Scratchpad's simple interface was quite convenient for developers. Sadly it's no longer available, but that doesn't mean you can't still write and test multi-line JavaScript in Firefox. We show you how.

Scratchpad was removed with the launch of Firefox 72. We have a suitable alternative for testing JavaScript code below.

Using Firefox's Web Console Editor Mode

While Scratchpad is no longer available, Mozilla did introduce a Web Console Editor Mode with Firefox 71+. This is a suitable alternative for writing and testing multi-line JavaScript. Here's how to access it.

  1. Open Tools > Web Developer > Web Console.

    Tools > Web Developer > Web Console

    You can also access the web console via the keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+K.

  2. The console appears at the bottom of the screen and shows the current web page's code. Enter the multi-line editing mode by clicking the arrows on the lower left side of the console.

    You can also access multi-line editing via the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + B (Cmd + B on macOS).

    The editing field
  3. Type your code into the editor. Use Enter to add new lines, or use CTRL+Enter to run them.

    Entering code in editor
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