How to Use Samsung Find My Mobile

Locate your Galaxy phone if you've misplaced it

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Samsung's Find My Mobile phone locator can pinpoint your device on a map, working much like Google's Find My Device or Apple's Find My iPhone. The Samsung phone tracker can also help keep tabs on your phone until you retrieve it.

How to Use the Samsung Phone Locator

If you've never used the Samsung Find My Mobile service before, you'll need to agree to its Terms of Service before you can get started. After a quick setup, you'll be able to pinpoint the location of your phone.

Samsung Find My Mobile will only work if your phone is powered on. If it's off, you may need to check back periodically to see if someone turns it on. If the battery is dead, you'll have to resort to old-fashioned detective work.

  1. Go to You'll find Samsung's online tool for locating a lost device. If you've never used this tool from this computer and are not signed in, select Sign In.

    Samsung Find my mobile welcome screen

    If you've used it before from this computer and are signed in, it will immediately show you where your phone is.

  2. On the sign-in screen, enter the email address or phone number used to set up your Samsung account, as well as your password.

    Samsung's Find My Mobile sign-in screen
  3. If you've never used this tool before, you first need to agree to Samsung's privacy policy, allow it to locate your phone, and accept a couple of legal stipulations. If you are okay with all of that, select Agree.

    Samsung;s find my mobile legal permissions
  4. If your phone is also signed in to your Samsung account, Samsung's Find My Mobile will instantly locate your lost phone on a map.

    Samsung's find my mobile locates my phone on a map
  5. If your lost phone is nearby and you cannot locate it, select Ring, then Ring again to command the device to emit a ringtone or sound. It will ring it at the highest volume, even if your sound is turned off.

    Samsung's Find My Mobile rings your phone
  6. You can also ask Samsung's Find My Mobile feature to keep an eye on your phone for you until you get it back. Select Track Location item in the remote tools menu, then select Start.

    Samsung's find my mobile will track your phone ever 15 minutes

    Find My Mobile will update the location every 15 minutes. It will also display a notice on your phone that the location is being tracked.

Use Samsung Phone Locator to Secure Your Device

If your phone is somewhere reasonably safe until you can get back to it, take a moment to take some precautions. There are several things you can do. Among them are the option to put it into power saving mode, back up its contents in case the worst happens and you lost it altogether, and lock it.

  1. Select Lock in the remote management menu. It will explain that your phone is not currently locked but you can now lock it and show emergency contact information on the screen, suspend biometrics, stop the use of Samsung Pay, and stop anyone from turning off your device. Select Next.

    Samsung find my mobile will lock your phone
  2. You will get the option to set a PIN to use to unlock your phone once you get it back. You can also enter a message here that will appear on the lock screen of your lost phone. If you like, you can also provide a phone number to be reached at if someone happens to find the device before you do.

    Enter a PIN that will unlock your lost Galaxy phone
  3. If you're concerned you won't be able to retrieve your device before someone else gets a hold of it, the nuclear option is to erase all the data on the phone. Select Erase Data, then select Factory data reset. If you use Samsung Pay, you may also want to erase your Samsung Pay data, as well.

    The Erase phone data option on Samsung Find My Device.

Managing Your Phone With Samsung Find My Mobile

You also have some options for managing your device functions while it's out of your control. For example, if you're afraid you'll miss important messages while your Galaxy phone is lost, you can access your recent calls and messages from the computer you're using to locate your phone. You can also extend the battery life so you can ring the phone when you're close to it to locate it.

  1. Select Retrieve Calls/Messages.

    Samsung Find My Phone's remote management options
  2. The next screen offers an explanation of how this feature works. If you want to retrieve 50 of your recent calls and messages, select Retrieve. Give it a minute, and it will display a list of everyone who has called or messaged you recently.

    Samsung Find My Mobile will retrieve recent calls and messages
  3. Samsung's Find My Mobile displays the battery level on your phone in the remote management tools menu. If the battery is low and you're afraid it will power down before you retrieve it, you can extend its battery life remotely. Select Extend Battery Life, then select Extend to use this feature.

    Samsung's find my mobile extend battery feature