How to Use the Reddit AMA App

Get Started with Reddit's AMA App

Reddit AMA App
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Reddit has been described as "the front page of the web," for your desktop browsing experience, On mobile, however, it's bit of a different story.

There are a ton of unofficial Reddit apps out there from third-party developers for most major mobile platforms, which most users have had to resort to using for a better Reddit browsing experience on a mobile device. Until now, that is. (At least for AMAs right now.)

In early September of 2014, Reddit launched official apps for iOS and Android devices to let users browse and interact on AMAs -- Ask Me Anything threads that feature interesting individuals who agree to interview-style Q&A sessions to take place on a specific date and time. You can download it now from iTunes and Google Play.

The apps differ just slightly from one another on each platform, but remain pretty streamlined in terms of the overall look, features and navigation. Click through the following slides to see what it looks like on an iOS device and how to start using it.

Browse Through the AMAs

Reddit AMA App
Screenshot of Ask Me Anything - Reddit AMA for iOS

Once you've down loaded the app, you'll see a tab that lists all the AMAs in the same order that you can find on the Reddit website's AMA page. Popular AMAs are marked by a flame icon in the top right corner, plus a larger background photo.

You can upvote or downvote any AMA directly from this tab using the arrows at the bottom, view how many upvotes it's already received, and see the name of the user who created the thread (plus how long ago it was created). And just like on the website, there are icons to the left of each AMA to represent the category it fits in.

Extra tip: If you tap the tiny arrow at the top below "Ask Me Anything," you can filter AMAs by which ones are the hottest, the most recent ones or all of them.

Another extra tip: Even when you're viewing an AMA thread, you can swipe left or right to navigate through other AMAs.

Tap Any AMA to View the Full Thread

Reddit AMA App
Screenshot of Ask Me Anything - Reddit AMA for iOS

Tap any AMA that interests you to see the post by the creator followed by all the answered questions below. You can switch between filtered "Answered" and "Asked" tabs as well.

You can use the up and down arrows to the bottom right of each question to upvote or downvote them. And if the AMA is marked as "Active" while you're browsing it, you'll be able to post a question right through the app.

Tap the Red 'R' in the Top Left to Browse AMAs by Category

Reddit AMA App
Screenshot of Ask Me Anything - Reddit AMA for iOS

To see a list of all the category icons, which are also displayed on each AMA on the home tab, simply tap the red 'r' icon located in the upper left corner of the screen. You'll see everything from entertainment and music, to business and politics.

Tap any icon to get a filtered view of AMAs in that category.You can filter it further again by tapping "Hot," "Recent" or "All-time" from the top, or you can go back to the category tab and use the search bar to find something specific.

Tap the User Icon in the Top Right to View Your Profile

Reddit AMA App
Screenshot of Ask Me Anything - Reddit AMA for iOS

You can't really do anything in terms of editing or customizing your Reddit profile, but you can tap the green user icon found in the upper right corner of your screen to at least view it.

It really just shows you your username and your karma number (including how much came from links and how much came from comments.) There are also icons you can click to view Reddit's rules and privacy, and a gear icon in the top right let's you edit a couple viewing and privacy settings.

AMAs are one of the biggest Reddit attractions involving some of the world's biggest celebrities, politicians and other public figures. Despite not yet being able to browse all of Reddit from an official mobile app, the introduction of the AMA app is at least one good step in the direction toward bringing "the front page of the web" to mobile too.

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