How to Use PS4 Parental Controls

Turn on and turn off parental controls on PS4

Gamers of all ages have used the PlayStation 4 for hours of entertainment. However, concerned parents and guardians have used the PlayStation Parental Controls to prevent their children from being able to watch or play violent or sexually charged content. Here's how to turn PS4 parental controls on and off.

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What Are the PS4’s Parental Controls and How Do They Work?

In order to take advantage of the PS4’s Parental Control features, you will need to create a Family account and designate yourself as the Family Manager. This account allows the Family Manager to create accounts for their children and set administrative privileges that dictate what they can access.

Given that the PS4 offers access to potentially unsuitable games and video, it is important to set age-appropriate restrictions for underage users. With the PS4’s ability to use internet browsers, it can be even more complicated to restrict access to inappropriate content.

Fortunately, the PS4’s Parental Controls allow parents and guardians to limit mature content, turn off the chat function, and eliminate youngsters' ability to make purchases. They can also restrict or remove a child’s ability to access the internet via the device, set age-appropriate filters for viewing PlayStation Store content, and even limit the amount of playtime for each account.

How to Create a Family Management Profile on PS4

To use the PS4’s Parental Controls, you will need to have a PSN or PlayStation Network ID that will serve as the administrative account that can set restrictions. This can be easily accomplished after turning your PS4 on and logging in.

  1. From you PS4, select Settings > Parental Controls/Family Management.

  2. Select Family Management.

  3. Log in with your PSN ID credentials to set your account as the Family Manager.

How to Turn PS4 Parental Controls On and Off

There is no single button that allows Family Managers to turn everything on and off. With parental controls on, you can prevent your kids from logging in as guests or create new user accounts, use a web filter to block harmful websites, set age levels for video games and DVD/Blu-ray discs, and prevent them from using PlayStation VR or browsing the internet using the PS4.

  1. Select Settings > Parental Controls/Family Management.

  2. Select PS4 Family Restrictions.

  3. Enter your four-digit access code.

    If you are setting up parental controls for the first time, the default code will be 0000.

  4. From here, you can manipulate the settings discussed above and change your passcode if needed. Select each option to modify your Parental Controls or turn them On or Off.

How to Turn Off Parental Controls on PS4 Without Passcode

Should you happen to forget your passcode or if your child happens to change it without your permission, there is one method that will allow you to remove Parental Controls. Unfortunately, this will require that you reset your PS4 back to factory settings.

  1. Select Settings > Account Management.

  2. Select Activate as Your Primary PS4 > Deactivate.

  3. Sign back in with your PSN account after the system resets.

  4. Select Initialization > Restore Default Settings.

    Make sure not to select Initialize PS4 or the system’s hard drive will be completely erased.

  5. The Parental Control passcode will be reset to 0000 once the system restore is completed.

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