How to Use Pinterest Group Boards

Create, find, and contribute pins to shared boards

One of the best ways to discover great content on the web is to use Pinterest. In addition to following user profiles and boards on the platform, you can follow and join Pinterest group boards that have multiple users who contribute content to them.

Standard Boards vs. Group Boards on Pinterest

When you create a new board on Pinterest, it's yours and only yours to pin to by default. The pins you add to the board can be seen by everyone (unless you make it a secret board), but nobody else can add pins to it.

When you invite at least one other Pinterest user to contribute to a board, and they accept the invitation, it automatically becomes a group board. Users who haven't been invited can request to join a group board, which the board owner can approve or reject.

Contributors of group boards see their group boards on their profile with the rest of the boards. They can pin anything they want to it whenever they want, just like they can with their standard boards.

Contributors, however, are limited in what they can edit on group boards. They can drag and drop group boards to reorganize their profiles. However, they can't change the name, description, category, cover pin, or visibility of any group boards they contribute to.

Only group board owners can change the information and settings. Group board owners also have control over inviting users, accepting or rejecting requests to join, and deleting group boards.

How to Find Group Boards on Pinterest

Pinterest doesn't have a dedicated section for group boards or a search filter for them, making it difficult to find them.

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Here are a few ideas to find group boards quickly and easily:

  • Use PinGroupie: PinGroupie is an unofficial search engine for Pinterest group boards. Enter a search term into the field at the top to see a list of group board results—complete with details, statistics, and how to join.
  • Search "Group Boards" in Pinterest: Many Pinterest users pin blog posts that compile lists of group boards. Search the term "group boards" in the Pinterest search field and see what comes up.
  • Look for Group Boards on Pinterest Users' Profiles: One of the easiest and best ways to find group boards is perusing the boards of other Pinterest users. To identify group boards a user is a contributor to, look for a circular icon featuring two or more user profile pictures directly above the board name.
  • Search "Pinterest Group Boards" in Google: Do a Google search for "pinterest group boards," and you'll come across a few good blog posts. You can also take advantage of Google's search result filters by selecting Tools > Any Time > Past Year at the top to filter out results that might be outdated.

How to Join a Pinterest Group Board

There's an easy way and a hard way to request to join a Pinterest group board.

The easy way is to look for a "Request to join" button in the upper-right corner of the group board page.

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Most group board owners don't put this button on the board page to prevent an overwhelming number of requests (and potential spammers). If you see it there, select it to request to join the group board.

You receive a notification only if the group board owner approves your request.

If you want to request to join a group board that doesn't have a request button, do the following:

  • Read the group board description for instructions on how to send in a request: Many group board owners who accept new contributors tell you to follow the board, contact the owner (perhaps via an email address provided), or follow a link to fill out a request form.
  • Contact the group board owner via Pinterest private message: You can identify the group board owner by looking at the group board URL, which contains the owner's username before the group board name ( Go to the group board owner's profile and select Message at the top to send a private message asking to join the group board and explaining why you'd be a great contributor.

If you want to leave a group board after being approved as a contributor, go to the group board and select the member profile picture bubbles. A list of the members appears in a drop-down list. Locate your name and select Leave.

How to Pin to a Pinterest Group Board

After you're approved to be a contributor to a group board, it's as easy to pin to it as pinning to any of your boards—and you can do it from and the Pinterest mobile app.

  1. On, select the red plus sign, then select Create Pin. On the Pinterest app, tap the plus sign, then tap Pin.

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  2. Add an image or video, title, description, and destination link. On the app, this requires going through two tabs by tapping Next.

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  3. On, select the down arrow beside the Publish button to search or scroll through your list of boards to choose a group board. Hover the cursor on a group board, and select Publish.

    On the app, scroll through the list of boards to choose a group board. The pin is pinned to the board you tap.

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    Group boards in your list have a group icon displayed to the right of the name.

How to Create a Pinterest Group Board and Invite Contributors

Creating a Pinterest group board is as easy as inviting someone to join.

  1. On, select your name at the top, then select Profile > Boards. On the Pinterest app, tap the plus sign, then tap Board.

  2. On, select the red plus sign inside the empty board to the left of the rest of your boards.

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  3. On, type a board name into the given field, then select Create. You're taken to the board page.

    On the app, type a board name into the given field, then, if you know who you want to invite, tap the add users icon under the Add collaborators section.

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  4. On, select Copy link at the top to either copy a link to send outside of Pinterest, or select Invite beside any users you follow and want to invite to your board in the given list.

    On the app, tap the names of the users you want to invite, then tap Done.

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    To turn an existing board into a group board, go to the board page, then select Invite (on or tap the add users icon (on the app).

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