How to Use Night Mode for Samsung Phones

Give your eyes a rest with a blue light filter

An Android phone in Night Mode showing a webpage.

If you have a Samsung phone, you have two ways to make your phone easier to read at night — Samsung Night mode and a Samsung blue light filter. Both are very easy to turn on from the Quick Settings menu. You can also schedule each to open automatically. We'll explain the differences and show you how to use them.

Samsung's blue light filter and night mode are a little bit different than the night mode that came with Android Pie. They are designed to make your screen easier to read when the sun goes down. Samsung's night mode darkens elements on the screen so that when it's dark, your phone's bright screen won't be as shocking. The blue light filter is a software solution that reduces the output of blue light coming from your screen.

Difference Between Samsung Night Mode and Blue Light Filter

Night mode changes your phone's user interface elements to their inverse colors—white becomes black, etc. This utilizes Android night mode originally introduced in Android Pie. It can make your phone less bright during the night and easier to read. However, night mode does not work across all apps. For example, Amazon Shopping and even Samsung's own Samsung Health don't follow night mode's guidelines. Unfortunately, it's hit or miss as to what works and what doesn't.

The blue light filter affects the output of the screen itself. The benefit is it works universally because it doesn't rely on apps following a guideline. It just reduces blue light output regardless of what is on your screen. The blue light filter won't make your screen dimmer like night mode will, but studies suggest that filtering out blue light may help you fall asleep more easily and sleep better overall.

Both modes may help with eye strain and light sensitivity during dark hours. 

How to Turn On Night Mode or Blue Light Filter Manually

The easiest way to turn on night mode or the blue light filter is to simply swipe down the Notification shade. Swipe down a second time to show your Quick Settings icons — those are the icons that let you turn services On and Off on your phone (like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, your flashlight, etc.) Swipe right until you locate Night mode or Blue light filter and tap it once to turn it On. Tap it again to turn it Off. 

Swipe down, Swipe left, Blue light filter and Night mode icons

How to Use Night Mode

You can also turn on Night mode in Settings. Or, if you'd rather have night mode turn On and Off automatically, that option is in Settings, too.  

  1. Open Settings > Display.

  2. Tap the Night mode toggle on the right to turn Night mode On and Off.

  3. If you want to schedule night mode to turn On and Off automatically, tap the words Night mode on the left. 

    Gear icon, Display button, Night mode in Samsung Settings
  4. Tap the toggle Turn on as scheduled to allow Night mode to turn On and Off automatically.

  5. Choose either Sunset to sunrise or Custom schedule to set your own time to turn it On or Off.

  6. If you select a custom schedule, tap Start time and End time to change those times if you want to.

    You can always turn Night mode on and off manually, even if you have a schedule set.

    Turn on as scheduled toggle, Sunset to Sunrise choice, Start and End time buttons in Night mode

How to Use the Samsung Blue Light Filter

You can also turn the blue light filter on and off in Settings.

  1. Open Settings > Display.

  2. Tap the toggle on the right for Blue light filter to turn the feature On and Off.

  3. To set up a daily schedule for turning the Blue light filter On and Off, and adjust the opacity of the filter, tap the words Blue light filter on the left. 

    Gear icon, Display button, Blue light filter button in Samsung Settings
  4. If the blue light filter is on, you can adjust the Opacity of the filter to allow more or less blue light as you see fit.

  5. To set a daily schedule for the filter, tap Turn on as scheduled, then select Sunset to sunrise or Custom schedule, as desired.

  6. If you choose a custom schedule tap Start time and End time respectively to set times to turn the filter On and Off.

    Opacity slider, Sunset to sunrise checkbox, Start and End times in Samsung Settings
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