Multiple Accounts on Instagram

In the early days of Instagram, it seemed that social network wanted users to keep to just one account. Having multiple accounts meant you had to log off and log on to accounts which became really tiresome but necessary for those who had multiple accounts. Trust me, signing in with different credentials by exiting the app was not a fun task to do. Inevitably, the Instagram team had to adapt to the requests of its users, adopt the multiple sign ins of other social network platforms (namely its parent company - Facebook), and the crazy humongous growth that it seems has no end.

Instagram has included in its features the use of multiple accounts now for everyone - normal and the power users.

This release is by far one of the most requested features from users since its inception. The feature allows switching between multiple accounts on both iOS and Android platforms. The ability to add and switch accounts is limited but at five accounts, it should be enough for the average to power user. I can see issues coming for users that have more than that.  Why would a user have more than five accounts? There are many users who manage accounts for their work for example many brands have social media staff who run their accounts.

Once you update to the newest version of Instagram (ver. 7.15) you will have the ability to add accounts.  To do so,

  1. Go to your profile tab (at the bottom navigation of the app, go to the last tab).
  2. At the top of your profile page, you will see the settings/options icon.  Click this.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the options page. Click Add Account (below Clear Search History).
  4. Once you click Add Account, you can then enter the account username and password.
  5. Your additional account has now been added.
  6. Once you’ve added your second account, you can then add more accounts (again up to five) through the screenname pulldown menu.

Now that you’ve added a second, third, or fourth account, you can access the account switcher at the above of your profile page.  You should see your screenname and a pull down of your other accounts. You can click the screennames available and if you have a slot open you will see the “Add Account” feature from this menu as well.

Also with this awesome feature, your push notifications will show you from which account it comes.

Whenever you get a push notification, you’ll also be able to see from which Instagram account.

Now that Instagram has rolled out the magical multiple account management system, anyone and everyone who manages multiple accounts - from the young teen who has multiple accounts, one for the public and one for their friends, to the power user who manages their personal account and their business or a contracted brand account - can now have a more efficient instagramming. Posting regularly, keeping up with different communities and audiences, commenting and liking photos, engaging with potentially new customers, privately messaging other instagram users - the whole gamut of what it means to run the most popular social network in the world, just got way easier.

Now that multiple accounts are available, Instagram if you are listening and reading this: If you can add a scheduling feature and of course - please add at least some basic analytics.  Including analytics that would help users grow their presence on the network would be extremely awesome.