How to Use the Motorola Camera App

Your Moto has a great camera, so make the most of it

What to Know

  • In Moto Camera, you can take multiple photos at once, a selfie or wide-angle photo, as well as record video.
  • Frequently used settings at the top include HDR mode, the flash, the timer, and a toggle for auto and manual modes.
  • Other features include slow motion, face filters, YouTube Live, and timelapse.

This article explains various ways to use the Motorola camera app. Instructions in this article apply to the Moto Camera app that's built into all Motorola smartphones and tablets. If you have an older device, download the update from the Google Play Store to take advantage of all the latest features.

Motorola Camera App Basics

Moto Camera is the default app for capturing photos and videos on Motorola devices, and it's similar to most smartphone camera apps on the market. The big, round shutter button snaps photos, and you zoom in by pinching the screen. Other basic app functions include:

  • Take multiple photos: You can take multiple shots at once if you press and hold the shutter button. The number of shots you take appears at the top of the app.
  • Frequently used settings: Frequently used settings at the top of the app include HDR mode, the flash, the timer, and a toggle for auto and manual modes. Switching to manual will bring up an additional bar full of icons, giving you finer control over a number of settings such as white balance, shutter speed, ISO, exposure, and more.
  • Wide-angle Lens: You can find this to the left of the shutter button. Tapping the icon toggles between wide-angle mode and standard mode.
  • Photo and Video mode, selfie camera, Google Lens: Photo and video mode, an icon for switching to the front-facing selfie camera, and an icon for Google Lens are all at the bottom of the app surrounding the shutter button.

You can swipe left on the camera screen to switch between the photo and video modes.

Motorola Camera App Video and Photo Modes

The Motorola Camera app comes with a number of photo and video modes to play around with depending on which model smartphone you're using. To access the modes menu, tap the grid icon beside the yellow camera icon above the shutter or swipe right on the camera screen. The options here include portrait mode, panorama mode, a text scanner, slow motion, timelapse, and more.

How to Record a Video in Slow Motion

After you select Slow Motion and the video screen appears, select the camcorder icon to film your subject. Once you stop recording, the app automatically slows down a portion of your video, but you can adjust where it slows and for how long by selecting the preview thumbnail in the lower right, then dragging the markers on the timeline at the bottom.

The Moto Camera app with the camcorder and slow-motion timeline highlighted

How to Use Timelapse on the Moto Camera App

Where slow motion reduces the speed of your subject, timelapse speeds it up. Select Timelapse, select one of four speed options (4X, 8X, 16X, or 32X), and then record your video as usual.

How to Stream to YouTube Live

The YouTube Live feature allows you to stream video directly from your mobile phone to YouTube. You need a YouTube account for this, and you have to verify your identity using your phone number before you can access the feature:

YouTube places restrictions on who can use live mobile streaming. You must have a channel with at least 1,000 subscribers to use the feature. People who have less than that can still live stream via a desktop and webcam.

  1. Open the Photo and Video Modes menu.

  2. Tap YouTube Live.

  3. Create a Title for your stream.

  4. Make the stream Public or Unlisted. If it's unlisted, it can only be viewed by people who have a link.

  5. Add a Location (optional).

  6. Tap Next. The app will automatically take a thumbnail for your stream.

  7. Tap Go Live to start broadcasting.

  8. Once the stream starts, you'll be able to switch between the front- and rear-facing cameras, hide the chat, access a variety of filters, mute the microphone, and more.

After you're done streaming, the video automatically uploads to your YouTube channel.

How to Use Face Filters on the Moto Camera App

Face filters work the same in both the video and photo modes. Swipe left and right to choose from a variety of goofy filters so you can record a clip or take a photo of yourself as an astronaut or a sparkly unicorn.

How to Use Portrait Mode

Portrait mode lets you blur the background behind your subject to achieve that lovely "bokeh" look photographers are always talking about. Drag your finger along the slider to adjust the amount of background blur in your photo.

How to Use Cutout Mode

If your Motorola phone has dual rear-facing cameras, you can use Cutout mode to snip out your subject and add in a new background. The most important part is getting your subject to fit within the circle. The app tells you if your subject is too close to the background, or if you need to get closer. Once you snap a picture, open the Edit menu and select Add Background to replace the background with a new one.

How to Add Spot Color

You can use the spot color mode to keep a certain color and create a pop effect. Simply touch the area of the image where you want to keep the color, then use the slider to adjust how much or how little color you want to keep. Once you're satisfied, tap the shutter to take a photo.

How to Use Panorama Mode

Panorama mode lets you create a single image by panning across a scene, and it functions similarly to panorama modes on other smartphones:

  1. Open the Photo and Video Modes menu.

  2. Tap Panorama.

  3. Choose where you want to start the panorama and place it within the frame.

  4. Press the shutter icon, then slowly pan across the scene.

    Try to pan at a steady speed and keep your motion smooth for the best results.

    Moto Camera app showing the panorama mode
  5. When you reach the end of the scene, tap the stop icon.

How to Use the Moto Camera App Text Scanner

If you need to copy a document, the Motorola Camera app also works as a scanner:

  1. Open the Photo and Video Modes menu.

  2. Tap Text Scanner.

  3. Line up the document in the square, then press the big scanner icon at the bottom of the screen. The scanner will try to recognize the text.

  4. Afterward, you can choose to share the image, copy it to the clipboard, or download it.

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