How to Use Linktree to Add Links to Instagram

Give your followers more than one link to visit

Linktree is a landing page builder tool that can be used to display a variety of web links. The tool has become very popular on Instagram, where users provide their Linktree link in their website field on their bio pages.

What Is Linktree Used For?

On Instagram, the only way to link to something is by adding a website link in your bio. Linktree helps solve this problem by giving Instagram users a place to display multiple links to their followers.

For instance, you might want to link to your blog, your YouTube channel, your Etsy store, your latest book on Amazon, or your Facebook page. Instead of choosing just one of those to include in your bio website field, you can include a Linktree page containing all those links so followers can choose which one they want to visit.

The Trouble With Linktree

Linktree seems like a great solution to a popular social network that makes it really hard to include links anywhere, but in July 2018, in an effort to crack down on shady third-party apps, Instagram ended up marking all Linktree links as spam.

Anyone who relies on Linktree to drive traffic to their links can lose valuable leads if Linktree goes down again. Likewise, it can drive potential leads away if they click something and see it's marked as spam.

Linktree is still a very popular landing page tool Instagram users continue to use today, but that doesn't mean it won't be marked as spam again (or even banned for good). Keep this in mind if you plan on using Linktree as a landing page on Instagram or anywhere else.

How to Build Your Own Linktree Page

Linktree is free to use, with an unlimited number of links you can add. You can also see the number of clicks you get on your links and customize your Linktree page with a theme.

A Pro plan is available for $6 a month, which gives you access to a number of advanced features, including more customization options, email opt-in integration, more detailed analytics, removal of the Linktree logo, and more.

  1. Navigate to in a web browser and select SIGN UP FREE in the middle of the screen or the top right corner.

    A screenshot of
  2. To create your account quickly, select Sign up with Instagram and allow Linktree to access your Instagram account. Alternatively, you can create your account manually using an email address, username, and password.

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  3. Once your account is created, you'll be asked to select either the Free plan or the Pro plan. Select Continue with Free to keep going, unless you already know you want the Pro plan.

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  4. You'll be sent a verification link via email, which you'll need to select to activate your Linktree account. Select CONTINUE after selecting the verification link.

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  5. Select ADD NEW LINK to add your first link, then add a title for your link and the link itself. When your link is added, it will be displayed in the previewer on the right.

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    Don't want to publish your link right away? Select the toggle to the right of the link to hide it from your live page. It should be gray when turned off and green when turned on. You can turn it back on any time you want and it will appear in the previewer again.

  6. Repeat step five for every additional link you want to add.

    To reorder your links, select the gray section to the right of a link, then drag and drop it in place. To delete links, select the trash can icon in the bottom right of any link.

  7. To customize the look of your Linktree page, select Settings from the menu at the top. Here you can select Upload Avatar to display a profile picture at the top of your Linktree page and select from one of nine color themes.

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  8. When you're happy with how your Linktree page looks, select COPY LINK in the top right to copy the link to your Linktree page, which you can paste directly into your Instagram bio's website field or anywhere else.

    Your Linktree page link will be, where "username" is the username you chose when you set up your account.

  9. To see the clicks you get on your links, select the Links tab from the top menu, then select the graph icon in the bottom right of any link to see its clicks.

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    The Analytics tab at the top and the other icons you seen in the bottom right of every individual link are only available to Pro users. These additional icon options include temporary link forwarding, link thumbnails, highlighted links, and scheduled links.