How to Use Instagram Shopping

Buy your favorite products without ever leaving the app

What to Know

  • From View Products post: Tap View Products icon > select item > View on Website > Add to Cart.
  • From Shop Now post: Tap Shop Now > select item > Add to Cart > Checkout.
  • From Shop tab: Tap Shop icon > Browse Shops > View Shop > Buy on Instagram.

This article explains how to shop on the Instagram app from a View Products Instagram post, a Shop Now post, and Instragram's Shop tab.

Shop With Brands in Your Instagram Feed

Instagram has expanded its shopping features, making it seamless for businesses to set up Instagram Shops and easier for Instagram users to find and buy the products they want without leaving the app.

While scrolling through your Instagram feed, you'll come across posts from brands you follow. You'll also see "sponsored" posts that appear in your feed based on past purchases or other posts you liked. With some shopping posts, you're taken to the brand's website. With others, you're taken to their Instagram Shop.

Buy From a 'View Products' Instagram Post

If you see View Products in an Instagram post, you can view, select and buy items, but you are redirected to the brand's website to complete the purchase.

  1. If you find a brand's post with a product you're interested in buying, tap View Products (shopping bag icon).

  2. You'll see details about the products in the post. Scroll down to see more items from that shop.

    Tap View Products to see available products
  3. Tap an item you want to purchase, and then tap View on Website. Choose any appropriate options, such as size or color, and then tap Add to Cart. Checkout and complete your purchase as you normally would.

    Tap View on Website and then Add to Cart to complete your purchase

Buy From a 'Shop Now' Post

If a brand includes a Shop Now link, you can complete your purchase without visiting the brand's website.

  1. From a shoppable Instagram post, tap Shop Now.

  2. Tap an item to select it for purchase and then tap Add to Cart.

    The brand may use similar verbiage, such as Add to Bag.

  3. Tap Checkout and complete your purchase. You may be asked to log in to a retailer's site or continue the checkout as a guest.

    Tap the Shop Now button to shop in an Instagram shop

How to Use the Instagram Shop Tab

When you tap the Instagram Shop tab on the bottom of the screen, it's easy to explore Instagram Shops and make purchases from a seller's website or from Instagram.

  1. Tap Shop (purse icon) from the bottom of your Instagram home feed and scroll to browse various Instagram Shops.

  2. Or, tap Browse Shops to go to brands you follow and shops Instagram recommends based on your prior activity. Tap View Shop to enter a shop.

    Use Instagram's shop tab to browse various shops
  3. In a shop, tap a product to view it. On some shops, tap View on Website to go to the retailer's site, where you can complete the purchase.

     tap View on Website to be taken to the retailer's site, where you can complete the purchase as usual.
  4. Other shops have a feature called Buy on Instagram that allows you to complete a purchase without going to a retailer's website. Look for the Buy on Instagram logo and tap View Shop.

    Look for the Buy on Instagram logo and tap View Shop.
  5. Tap Buy Now or Add to Cart, and then select Proceed to Checkout or View Cart > Proceed to Checkout. Complete your purchase.

    Tap Buy Now or Add to Cart, and then select Proceed to Checkout or View Cart > Proceed to Checkout.

    Exact verbiage may differ depending on how the retailer set up the cart.

  6. Alternatively, after tapping Shop on your home feed, tap Editors' Picks: Gifts for curated suggestions in various categories. Tap any category to explore, and tap Follow to follow the shop.

    Tap Editor Picks to see curated gift shop suggestions

If an Instagram Story has a product sticker, tap it to go to the product page and then complete your purchase on Instagram. In an Instagram Live video, tap a pinned product to add it to your cart, or tap Shop (purse icon) at the bottom of the screen to see more items from the brand.

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