How to Use the Instagram Questions Sticker

Tips for using the "ask me a question" feature

The Instagram Story questions sticker is a convenient way to connect with your followers by allowing them to share their thoughts and tastes with you with a quick tap. It's available to all Instagram users within the official iOS and Android apps and isn’t limited to verified Instagram accounts or those with a high number of followers.

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How to Ask Questions With the Questions Sticker on Instagram

Here’s how to use the Instagram Stories question sticker to connect with your fans.

  1. Open the official Instagram app on your iOS or Android device.

  2. Open the Instagram Stories feature by either swiping right or tap the camera icon in the upper-left corner.

  3. Take a photo or record a video as usual.

  4. Tap the stickers icon.

  5. Tap Questions. This is the Instagram questions sticker.

  6. Tap Ask me a question and type your question or prompt.

    Using the Instagram Stories questions sticker in the iOS Instagram app on iPhone.

    You can use emoji in your prompt to liven it up and make it stand out.

  7. Tap the color wheel at the top of the screen to change the color of your question sticker.

  8. Tap Done.

    Using the Instagram Stories questions sticker in the iOS Instagram app on iPhone.
  9. Move and resize the question sticker as you would any other Instagram Story element.

    Use two fingers to rotate and resize the sticker.

  10. Add other gifs, stickers, or music to your Instagram Story as usual.

  11. When you’re ready, tap Your Story to publish it to your Instagram Story.

    Using the Instagram Stories questions sticker in the iOS Instagram app on iPhone.

    Like all Instagram Stories, the one with your question sticker only stays live for 24 hours before disappearing.

How to Request Music Using the Instagram Questions Sticker

While the main purpose of the questions sticker is to ask and answer questions, it can also be used to prompt your followers to send you music.

  1. Create a new Instagram Story and add the questions sticker as shown above.

  2. Under the questions sticker, tap the music icon.

  3. Tap What song should I listen to? and type a prompt to get your followers to send you music.

  4. Tap the color wheel to change the color of your sticker, then tap Done when finished.

    Using the Instagram Stories questions sticker to request music.
  5. Move and resize the sticker to get it the way you want.

  6. Add any additional stickers, gifs, or text you feel like adding.

  7. Tap Your Story in the lower-right corner to publish.

    Using the Instagram Stories questions sticker to request music.

    If you’ve connected your Instagram account to your Facebook account, the link may read "Your Stories" instead of "Your Story." It will also publish the story to Facebook. The questions sticker won’t function in a Facebook Story, so you may want to delete it; open the Story in the Facebook app, tap the ellipsis, then tap Delete Video.

How to Answer Instagram Story Questions

Responding to an Instagram Story questions sticker is very simple and only takes a few seconds. All you need to do is tap the sticker while viewing the story, type your question, and tap Send. The Instagrammer immediately receives your question.

Answering an Instagram Story questions sticker.

To respond to a question sticker that’s asking for music recommendations, tap the sticker within the Instagram Story, search for your song, tap the play icon to check you have the right song, tap the song name, then tap Send.

How to View Responses to an Instagram Questions Sticker

All responses to question stickers can be viewed by watching the relevant Instagram Story, then swiping up on the screen. You can then tap each response to share it in a new Instagram Story or delete it from the app if you don’t like the response or find it to be inappropriate.

When sharing a question sticker’s response, the user’s username and photo is hidden so there’s no need to worry about them losing their privacy.

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