How to Use HBO Now Offline

Watch your movies and shows without Wi-Fi or internet

HBO Now allows cord-cutters to stream all of HBO's content without a cable subscription. While there's no option to download HBO Now shows and movies, you can still watch HBO Now offline.

HBO's new streaming service, HBO Max, allows users to download shows and movies for offline viewing.

Does HBO Now Allow Offline Viewing?

HBO Now doesn't provide an option for offline viewing through the website or any of the official apps. That means the only official way to watch HBO Now is to stream shows and movies while connected to your Wi-Fi network or cellular data connection.

If you want to watch HBO shows and movies offline with HBO Now, the only option is to use a third-party recording tool like PlayOn. There are a handful of options available, but none of them are officially supported by HBO.

  • PlayOn Cloud: Works for both Android and iPhone users, and doesn't require any additional hardware. It requires a small fee every time you record anything.
  • PlayOn Desktop: Works for both Android and iPhone users, but it requires a Windows computer to record your shows and movies. The mobile app is free, but you have to pay for the Windows app in order to record.
  • iPhone TV App: This method allows you to record shows from your phone without paying anything. However, it requires you to sign up for HBO Now through the app. If you already have a subscription, it won't work.

How to Record HBO Now With PlayOn Cloud

PlayOn Cloud for Android and iOS lets users record content from any streaming service. Recordings are saved in the cloud for only seven days, but you can download the MP4 files to your computer. To record HBO New shows and movies using PlayOn Cloud app:

  1. Download and install the PlayOn Cloud app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

  2. Launch the PlayOn Cloud app and tap HBO Now.

  3. Enter your HBO Now username and password, then tap Sign In.

  4. Search for the show or movie you want to save for offline viewing, or select a genre to view all available options.

    Browsing HBO Now
  5. Tap Record. You will be prompted to log in to PlayOn or create a new account if you don't already have one.

  6. Tap Got it. Please do it!

  7. Select a recording credit pack and tap Continue to complete your purchase.

    Downloading a show from HBO Now
  8. The show or movie will begin to play. Recording takes place in real-time, so you must finish streaming the entire show/movie to save it. You can then download your recordings for the next seven days.

How to Record HBO Now With PlayOn Desktop

If you want to record and stream on a PC, you need to pay for the PlayOn premium subscription. Here's how to use HBO Now offline through PlayOn on a Windows computer:

  1. Go to the PlayOn download page and select Free Version.

    A screenshot of the PlayOn website.
  2. Once you have finished installing PlayOn, launch the app and close the quick start window.

    A screenshot of PlayOn.
  3. Log in to PlayOn. You can log in using your Facebook credentials, or create a new PlayOn account if you prefer.

    A screenshot of PlayOn.
  4. Select Channels.

    The Channels tab on PlayOn
  5. Locate and select HBO Now.

    HBO Now icon on PlayOn
  6. Select Open Settings.

    A screenshot of HBO Now on PlayOn.
  7. Scroll down and select Login next to HBO Now. Enter your HBO Now username and password, then select Apply and OK to close the settings window.

    A screenshot of the PlayOn settings for HBO Now.
  8. Choose a show or movie that you want to watch offline and select Record.

    The Record button

How to Record HBO Now With PlayOn Mobile

The PlayOn mobile app (not to be consumed with PlayOn Cloud) is available for Android and iOS, so you can use it on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or Android tablet. The app allows you to select shows and movies you want to record, which are then recorded on your Windows PC. You can then transfer the shows to your mobile device to watch offline.

The PlayOn app has to be running on your computer for the mobile app to work. You can initiate recordings from your phone, but only if the app is running on your computer. Here's how to use HBO Now offline on your phone or tablet with PlayOn:

  1. Open the PlayOn app, wait for it to connect to the app on your computer, then tap All.

  2. Tap HBO Now.

  3. Find the show you want to watch offline and tap Record.

    Recording a show in the PlayOn mobile app

Once you have recorded some shows or movies, you can transfer them from your computer to your phone. Media stored on your phone can be played at any time, without using your cellular data, from the Local Media tab in the PlayOn app.

If you have transferred recordings from your computer to your phone, you can watch them on the PlayOn phone app even if the app isn't running on your computer.

Watch HBO Now Offline With the iPhone TV App

Available on iOS 12.3 and newer, the iPhone TV app allows you to record shows for offline viewing. The catch is that this method is only available if you don't have an existing HBO Now subscription. To use this method, simply sign up for HBO Now through the iPhone TV App, find a show you want to watch offline, and tap Download.

This method isn't available if you have subscribed to HBO Now through the HBO Now app or any service other than the iPhone TV App.

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