How to Use Google Home Reminders

Never forget anything with Google reminders to back you up

People forget a total of three things every day. It could be a birthday, forgetting to pay bills, or missing a meeting. Google Home reminders can help.

Google Home Hub includes a screen that many people place in a central room in the house. Google Home Mini devices are usually placed in various bedrooms or offices. Google Home itself can also help remind you of things.

With Google Home devices throughout your home, there are many ways you can get helpful reminders throughout the day.

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How to Set Up Reminders

Before you can use reminders, you need to make sure your Google account is connected to Google Home, and turn on Personal Results.

Because of this, it's important that you set up Voice Match and apply the match to your specific account.

  1. Open the Google Home app, and tap the Home icon at the bottom.

    Google Home main page
  2. Tap the device you want to configure for Voice Match and tap the gear icon in the upper right corner to enter device settings.

  3. Scroll down to the Voice Match settings area. If you've already configured voice match, you should see Remove Voice Match. Otherwise, tap Voice Match, tap Add, and follow the instructions so the device recognizes your voice and associates it with your Google account.

    Screenshot of Google Home device settings
  4. Now, when you speak to that Google Home device, it'll recognize your voice and associate it with your own Google account.

You're now ready to start creating reminders!

Time-Based Google Home Reminders

The easiest way to use Google Home Reminders is just to ask Google Home to remind you to remember something on a certain date and time.

Screenshot of time based reminder in Google Assistant

The format of this voice command is as follows:

Hey Google, remind me to 

The wording for date and time is very flexible. Here are a few examples of correctly-worded time-based Google Home reminders:

  • "Remind me to pay the bills tomorrow at 6pm."
  • "Remind me to call Dad tomorrow at noon."
  • "Remind me to attend the tech conference next Tuesday at 3pm."

Google Home allows for natural language date and time statements without stating the exact calendar date.

If Google Home doesn't understand how you've specified a date or time, try rewording your voice command in a different way. Make sure you're as specific as possible.

Location Based Reminders

Another convenient use of Google Home reminders is asking Google Home to remind you to do something when you get to a specific location.

If you've labeled locations in Google Maps, you can reference those locations in your reminders.

Screenshot of Google Maps locations.

Or, you can reference a general location like "the library" or "Starbucks."

How do Google Home devices in your house remind you of something when you're not home? This is where the integration with Google Assistant comes in. Google Home will send you the reminder via the Google Assistant app on your phone.

Screenshot of location based reminders

Here are a few examples of correctly-worded location based reminders:

  • "Remind me to get some milk at the grocery store."
  • "Remind me to talk to my boss when I get to work."
  • "Remind me to get the mail when I get home."
  • "Remind me to pick up Great Expectations at the library."

When the GPS on your phone indicates that you're at the location, Google will issue a reminder notification through the Google Assistant app on your phone.

Sending commands to both Google Home and Google Assistant can be confusing. When commanding Assistant, start your voice command with "Okay Google." When commanding Google Home, start it with "Hey Google".

Set Recurring Reminders

One of the most useful ways to use reminders is to set up recurring reminders. This is excellent for those things you need to remember to do every day that you always seem to forget.

Screenshot of recurring Google Home reminders

Here are a few examples:

  • "Remind me to go to the gym every day at 5pm."
  • "Remind me to take my medicine every day at 8am."
  • "Remind me to do my laundry every Sunday at noon."
  • "Remind me to do my bills the first day of every month at 6pm."

Just like with time-based reminders, recurring reminders use natural language. So you can say "every day," "every month," and so on. As long as a specific recurring date and time is specified, it'll work.

Review Reminders

Screenshot of Google Home reminders review

When you receive a reminder, Google Home will perform the following actions:

  • All Devices: Google Home will say, "I have a reminder for ."
  • Google Home Mini: The LED light will flash and one white light will stay lit so you'll know there's a reminder waiting for you.
  • Google Home Hub: It'll display a full screen alert with reminder details on the smart display.
  • Google Assistant: If you're not home, you'll receive a Google Assistant notification with the reminder.

When you want to hear the reminder notification, just say any one of the following statements:

  • "Hey Google, What's up?"
  • "Hey Google, What are my notifications?"
  • "Hey Google, What are my reminders?"

You could also ask about a specific reminder. The format for recalling specific reminders is:

Hey Google, when is my reminder to

So, if you forgot when a birthday party is that you set a reminder for but want to plan ahead so you can buy a present, you'd say:

Hey Google, when is my reminder to go to Sarah's birthday party?

Google Home will remind you when the party is.

Don't Confuse Reminders and Alarms

Google Home reminders are the perfect solution for remembering specific events or tasks. However, they aren't meant to replace daily alarms.

Google Home is able to set off an alarm notification at any time and day, so if you just need something like a wake-up alarm, you'd just say:

Hey Google, set an alarm for 6:30 am tommorrow morning.

The point of a Google Home notification isn't only to get an alarm, it's so you receive the reminder information telling you what it is you needed to do.

Used correctly, Google Home reminders are very useful, and can improve your life in many ways.

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