Guide to 'Home View' on the Google's Home Hub

This central dashboard lets you keep your connected home under control

Home View, or Home Dashboard, is the primary smart home interaction for the Google Home Hub.

Google Home devices are primarily voice-driven, but with the Home Hub’s 7-inch display, Home View provides near-instant access to all active smart home devices from a single menu. It can be a great kitchen counter controller for guests or those less familiar with smart home devices.

Google’s Home app on iOS and Android mimics the functionality of Home View on the Home Hub.

How Does Google Home Hub's Home View Work?

Having a display on a smart assistant allows devices to be controlled by touch, in addition to voice. You can access Home View at any time by swiping down from the top of the display.

The universal placement of Home View is intentional and makes the Home Hub a smart home controller for all people in a house--far more convenient than controlling smart home devices from one person’s phone.

What Can You Do From the Home View Dashboard?

Once you’ve accessed Home View you’ll see all the devices that have been set up through the Google Home app.

Home View categorizes the items by device and function, such as lights, music, cameras, and thermostats; tap View rooms in the top right corner of Home View to sort devices by rooms.

If you place the Home Hub in a room with lights, it will add Off and On shortcut buttons at the bottom of Home View, specifically for that room.

Once you tap a device like a Nest Thermostat, for example, you'll get full-screen controls to control the device. Or, if lights offer color options, those will be displayed on the left side of the screen.

If a room like the kitchen groups multiple lights, you'll also be able to access individual lights, under the color selection.

How to Control Home View

Swiping down anywhere on Home Hub brings you to Home View, which will expand to full screen once you tap an item. To go back to a previous screen in Home View, swipe right from the left of the screen.

While using Home View, if you haven't touched the screen for a few seconds, it will disappear. Swiping down again will bring you back to the default Home View screen, rather than what you were doing a moment ago.

How Do I Setup Home View on Home Hub?

Out of the box, Home Hub relies on the Google Home app, available on either iOS or Android, to be set up, much like Google Home devices without a screen.

All of your smart home devices are set up through the Home app and are displayed in the Home View. However, you can't configure the Home View display or any new devices on Home Hub.

If a device isn't displayed in Home View, or it's not responding to a Google Assistant command, you'll need to address this in the Home app.

As Google Home devices evolve and adopt new form factors, Home View will provide a household of people with easier access to their smart devices, forgoing the need to rely on the phone of the person who set them up.