How to Use Google Home Alarm Clock Features

Yes, Google Assistant can even play bedtime music.

Google Home devices play music and control many smart home products. They can also be used as an alarm clock or timer. Here's how to use the Google Home alarm clock to keep track and make better use of your time.

This information applies to Google Home smart speakers, Google Home Hub (aka Nest Hub), and Google Assistant-enabled Smart Displays.

Setting an Alarm on Google Home

You can set an alarm(s) on Google Home devices and smart displays with Google Assistant voice commands.

Lenovo Smart Display and Google Home

Examples include (start with "OK Google..."):

  • "...set alarm for (time)." 
  • "...wake me up at (time)."
  • "...set an alarm for (name a day of the week) at (time)."
  • "...set alarm to go off in xx hour(s)." 
  • "...set a daily alarm for (time)." 
  • "...set an Alarm for every Sunday at (time)."

When you set an alarm Google Assistant provides verbal confirmation. If incorrect, say "OK Google, cancel the xx alarm" or "cancel the previous alarm" and reset it. This won't affect other correctly set alarms. 

How to Check Google Home Alarm Settings

On a Google Home, Google Assistant reads set alarms back to you. Say: "OK Google, what alarms do I have set?" Using the command on a Google Nest Hub or other Google-enabled smart displays will result in your alarms being shown to you on the screen.

Alarm List on Lenovo Smart Display

If you set multiple alarms, a nest hub or smart display may only show the first two, but reads the rest.

You can also check set alarms on the Google Home smartphone app.

  1.  Open the Google Home app and choose the device you used to set the alarms.

    Google Home App > Select Device
  2. Tap Settings > Alarms & Timers.

    Select Settings, then select Alarms and Timers
  3. In Alarms & Timers, you'll see your active alarms.

    Google Home App, Alarms and Timers > List of Alarms

How to Delete a Set Alarm

To delete an alarm before it sounds, say "OK Google, delete (or turn off) my alarm." If you have multiple alarms set, say "OK Google, turn off (specific alarm time) or turn off all alarms." 

You can also delete set alarm(s) within the Google Home app. Tap Alarms & Timers, tap the X to the right of a specific alarm setting, then tap Delete to confirm you want to remove the alarm. 

Alarms and Timers > Delete Alarm > Confirm Alarm Deletion

How to Turn off a Sounding Alarm

When an alarm goes off, say "Stop" or "OK Google, stop." This won't affect other pending alarms. 

The controls on a Google Home or smart display can also be used to turn off an alarm:

  • Google Home: Tap the top.
  • Google Home Mini (1st gen): Press and hold either side where volume is normally changed.
  • Google Nest Mini (2nd gen): Tap the top center.
  • Google Home Max: Tap on the line on the top or right side.
  • Google Nest or other Google-enabled smart display: Tap stop prompt on the screen.

When an alarm goes off, it sounds for ten minutes if not stopped.

Google Alarm Clock Snooze Option

When an alarm goes off, but you want to snooze, say "OK Google, snooze for xx minutes" or "Snooze (the default snooze time is 10 minutes)." On a Home/Nest Hub or Smart Display, you can tap the snooze prompt that appears when the alarm goes off.

Snooze Prompt on Lenovo Smart Display

How to Set Alarm Sounds

The Google Home default alarm tone can't be changed, but you can set an alarm that plays music or a cartoon voice.

Music Alarms

To use a music alarm, you choose a song, artist, genre, or playlist from your default music service in the Google Home app.

Setting a Default Music Service

  1. Open the Google Home app and tap the Account icon.

    Google Home App and Account Icon
  2. Tap Settings > Services.

    Google Home Account Page, Settings, Select Services
  3. Tap Music > Default Music Service

    Google Home Account, Services, Music, Select Default Music Service

Setting a Music Wake-Up Alarm

Once you choose a default music service, here's how to set a music alarm.

  1. Say: "OK, Google set a music alarm."

  2. Google Assistant response: "For when". 

  3. Say: "xx AM or xx PM."

  4. Google Assistant response: "What music?"

  5. Say: "Artist, song title, radio station."

  6. Google Assistant response: "Alarm set for (Day) at xx AM or xx PM."

Setting a Cartoon Voice Wake-Up Alarm

To hear a cartoon character alarm, say "OK Google, set a (name of character) alarm for (day/time)."

The character choices are:

  • Lego City
  • Lego Life
  • Lego Friends
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Leonardo
  • Michelangelo
  • Raphael
  • Donatello
  • April O’Neil
  • Hatchimals

When the alarm is set, the character may state a short message, such as "Sleep well, hero" or something similar.

You can complement Google Home alarm settings by adding a custom routine that may include a variety of tasks, such as giving you the news, adjusting a smart thermostat, and more. There are even sunrise/sunset routines that, based on your location, perform tasks automatically when the sun rises or sets. For example, create a sunset routine that turns on your lights when the sun goes down.

Setting Google Home Alarm Volume

  1.  Open the Google Home app and tap the device you want to use.

    Google Home App > Select Device
  2. Tap Settings > Alarms & Timers.

    Select Settings, then select Alarms and Timers
  3. Adjust the Alarm & timer volume.

    Google Home App, Volume Slider for Alarm/Timer Volume


In addition to Alarms, Google Assistant can set timers on Google Home devices. Timer settings can be used for cooking and other household reminders. You can also set a sleep timer.

How to Set a Standard Timer

To set and use a timer on Google Home devices, just say "Hey Google, set a timer for XX time."

You can also find out how much time is remaining on a timer by asking:

  • "How much time is left?"
  • "How much time is left on my cookies?"
  • Say time remaining on a timer with the specified name

How to Stop a Timer

You stop a timer alarm by saying "Stop," and you can cancel a timer by saying, "Cancel timer."

How to Set a Bedtime Sleep Timer

You can set a sleep timer to turn off music playing on your speaker or display at bedtime.

You can set one sleep timer at a time on each device. If you create a new sleep timer, it replaces a previously set active sleep timer.

To set a sleep timer, say "OK, Google" followed by one of the following options.

  • "Play (music, artist/genre, or playlist) for (say how long).”
  • “Stop (music, artist, genre, playlist in xx minutes)” or “Stop playing in (xx minutes).”
  • "Play (music, artist, genre, playlist) until (state time)."

How to Check and Manage Sleep Timers

To check the time left on a sleep timer, say "How much time is left on the Sleep Timer?"

To stop a timer that has gone off, say "OK, Google, Stop" or just say "Stop."

To cancel a sleep timer before it goes off, say "OK, Google, cancel the sleep timer" or "Cancel the sleep timer."

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