How to Use Google Docs Brochure Template

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What to Know

  • Go to and select Template gallery. Scroll down to the Work section to find brochure templates.
  • To set the orientation, go to File > Page setup. Select Format from the top menu to change the text, paragraph style, line spacing, and more.
  • To share, go to File > Share, enter emails or names from your Google contacts, then select Done. To send a direct link, select Copy link.

This article explains how to use the Google Docs brochure template to create a brochure that you can collaborate on, share, and print.

How to Create a Brochure in Google Docs

To create a brochure in Google Docs, you first need to sign into your Google account. If you don't have one, create a Google account first before you continue with these steps.

  1. Navigate to in a web browser.

  2. Select the Template gallery button in the top right to expand all of the templates.

    The template gallery option in Google Docs.
  3. Scroll down to the Work section.

  4. Google Docs offers two different brochure templates.

    Select either Brochure (Modern Writer) or Brochure (Geometric) depending on the style of brochure you want. This tutorial uses the Brochure (Geometric) template.

    The brochure options in Google Docs.
  5. Rename your brochure document by deleting the Brochure text in the File name filed in the top left corner and replacing it with the name that you want.

    The filename in the Google Docs brochure template.
  6. Set the orientation for your brochure. For instance, if your brochure is going to be a pamphlet-style brochure with three columns, you'd need to change the orientation of the page from portrait to landscape.

    To do this, select File > Page setup. Then select Landscape and customize the margin settings, paper size and page color if necessary.

    The Page setup options in Google Docs.
  7. Customize the formatting of your brochure by selecting Format from the top menu. You can change or add the following formatting elements using the dropdown list:

    • Text: Make your text bold, italicized, underlined, etc. You can also adjust the size up or down and set the capitalization.
    • Paragraph styles: Customize the style of your border and shadows, your title, headings and subheading.
    • Align & indent: Set the alignment to right, left, center or justified. Also increase or decrease indentation.
    • Line spacing: Choose how much space you want between each line of text or create a custom setting.
    • Columns: Choose one, two or three columns for your brochure or select More options to create a custom setting.
    • Bullets & numbering: Select styles for your bullet points and numbered lists.
    • Headers & footers: Set your margins and layout for your header and footer.
    • Page numbers: Set the position and starting number for your page numbers.
    The Format option in Google Docs.
  8. Delete sections or components of the template that you don't want.

    • To delete text, highlight a section of text using your cursor and then press the Delete button on your keyboard.
    • To delete an image, right click on on the image and select Delete.
    The context format menu in Google Docs.
  9. Replace sections or components of the template that you want to keep with your own content.

    • To replace text, highlight the text you want to delete and then type new text directly into the template or copy it from somewhere else and paste it where you want.
    • To replace an image, right click on the image, select Replace, select Upload from computer (or any of the additional options) and then select an image file from your computer to take the place of the current image.
    The option to upload an image from computer in Google Docs.
  10. Insert new elements into your brochure to further customize the look of it by selecting Insert from the top menu. You can insert:

    • Images
    • Tables
    • Drawings
    • Charts
    • Horizontal lines
    • Footnotes
    • Special characters
    • Equations
    • Headers & footers
    • Page numbers
    • Breaks
    • Links
    • Comments
    • Bookmarks
    • Table of contents
    The Insert menu in Google Docs.
  11. Share your finished brochure with other users by selecting File in the top menu followed by Share. Next, you can:

    • Start typing the names of people you're already connected to via your Google account in the Add people and groups field, select their names if they appear in the drop-down list to add them and then select Done.
    • If you want to send a direct link, select Copy link to copy and paste it anywhere you want.
    The sharing option sin Google Docs.

    Select the gear icon in the top right to customize your share settings.

Collaborating in Google Docs

Creating a brochure in Google Docs is ideal if you're working with at least one other individual on it or if you plan on having it reviewed by someone before it's finalized. Google Doc's sharing and editing features allow you to grant permission to others so they can edit the brochure directly themselves or alternatively leave suggestions for you to review and incorporate into your own edits.

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