How To Use Cydia on the iPhone

While Cydia still exists, its feature that let users buy apps was disabled in Dec. 2018. Jailbreaking has been fading away as Apple has made the iOS more powerful and flexible, and as security holes have been patched (which makes it harder to jailbreak). With app sales gone and momentum slowing, Cydia may cease operations entirely.

To use Cydia, you must first jailbreak your iPhone (or iPad or iPod touch). Some jailbreak tools, such as, install Cydia as part of the jailbreaking process. If your tool doesn't, download Cydia.

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Run Cydia

using Cydia, step 1
Choose what kind of user you are.

Once you've added it to your iOS device, find the Cydia app and tap to launch it.

When you do this, the first thing you'll see is the screen above asking you to identify what kind of user you are. An average user should tap the "User" button as that will deliver the most user-friendly option. The "Hacker" option will give you the ability to interact with the iPhone's command line interface, while the "Developer" option gives you the most unfettered access.

Tap the appropriate choice and continue. Based on your choice, Cydia may ask you to accept another preference setting. If it does, do so.

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Browsing Cydia

using Cyida, step 2
The main Cydia interface.

Now you'll come to the main Cydia screen, where you can browse its content.

Packages is the name Cydia uses for its apps, so if you're looking for apps, tap on that button.

You can also choose from Featured Packages or Themes, which allow you to customize the look of your iPhone's buttons, interface elements, apps, and more.

Make whatever selection is right for you.

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Browsing the List of Apps

using cydia, step 3
Browse Cydia's packages, or apps.

The list of packages, or apps, in Cydia will look familiar to those who have used Apple's App Store. Scroll through the main screen, browse by section (aka category), or search for apps. When you find one you're interested in, tap it to go to the individual app page.

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Individual App Page

using cydia, step 4
Individual app page in Cydia.

Each package, or app, has its own page (just like in the App Store) that gives information about it. This information includes the developer, the price, what devices and operating systems it works with, and more.

You can return to the list by tapping the arrow at the top left or buy the app by tapping on the price.

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Choose Your Login

using Cydia, step 5
Your choice of accounts to use with Cydia.

Cydia allows you to use your existing user account at either Facebook or Google as your Cydia account. Just like you need an iTunes account to use the App Store, you need an account with Cydia to download apps.

Tap on the account you want to use. This will take you through a few steps to login to your account and then authorize it to communicate with Cydia. Follow the onscreen instructions.

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Link Device to Account

using Cydia, step 6
Link your device and account.

Once you've authorized your account to communicate with Cydia, you'll need to link your iOS device running Cydia and your account. Do this by tapping the "Link Device to Your Account" button.

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Choose Your Payment Option

using Cydia, step 7
Choosing your Cydia payment option.

When you buy through Cydia, you have two payment options: Amazon or PayPal (you'll need an account with either to make payments).

If you choose Amazon, you can either keep your payment information on file with Cydia or use it as a one-time payment that doesn't remember your information.

Choose your preferred payment system, follow the onscreen instructions, and you'll have purchased a Cydia app.