How to Use Apple Watch With Siri

Plus a list of the 10 best Siri commands to use on the go

What to Know

  • Activate Siri: Press + hold digital crown on side of watch, tap screen + say "Hey Siri," or raise wrist + "Hey Siri."
  • Call: Say "Call [contact]" or "Call [contact] at home." Text: Say "Send [contact] a text."
  • Directions: Say "Get directions to [location]." Reminders: Say "Remind me about [event] at [time]."

This article explains how to use Siri on an Apple Watch Series 3 through Series 5.

How to Speak to Siri With Your Apple Watch

Before proceeding, make sure Siri is set up on your Apple Watch. Siri waits for you to say a command before responding, allowing you to complete tasks virtually hands-free.

There are three ways to trigger a Siri command, depending on your preferences:

  • Press and hold the Digital Crown on the side of the Apple Watch.
  • Tap the screen and say Hey Siri.
  • Raise your wrist and say Hey Siri.

You can set your Apple Watch face to the Siri watch face to make sure Siri is available at all times.

10 Best Siri Commands to Use on the Go

Siri can perform most of the tasks that your iPhone can do without the need for hands-on control. Here's a list of ten great Siri commands you can start using today.

Make a Phone Call

One of the most common tasks performed with an Apple Watch is a simple phone call. With the help of Siri, you can make it happen on your Apple Watch. All you have to do is specify which number or contact Siri should dial. Start Siri and say Call [contact] at home.

Making a phone call on Apple Watch using Siri

Send a Text

Sending a text is a simple Siri command. Start by activating Siri, then say Send [contact] a text.

Siri allows you to preview your message before it's sent. If you don't want to send it, select Don't Send. Otherwise, tell Siri to send your message.

Using Siri to send a text from Apple Watch

Only have a phone number? You can send a text to specific numbers. Say Send a text to 1234567.

Get Directions

Want to find the nearest Starbucks? Siri can help you with directions to anywhere you want to go. Launch Siri and say Get directions to [location].

Siri asks you to choose from a list of locations closest to you. Pick one from the list, and Siri displays directions on your watch and your iPhone.

Using Siri on Apple Watch to find directions

If Siri knows your home address, say Take me home, and Siri will initiate directions.

Create a Reminder

If you need to add something to a grocery list and you don't have a pen, or you want Siri to remind you about a doctor's appointment coming up, use Siri to create a reminder.

Setting a reminder on Apple Watch using Siri

Tell Siri what you want to be reminded about at a specific date and time. You'll find your reminders inside the Reminders app on your Apple Watch and on your iPhone. Siri also sends you a notification when it's time.

To set a reminder, launch Siri and say Remind me about [event or item] at [time].

Work Out

When you're ready to get your fitness on, Siri can help by starting a new workout session to track your progress. Say Go for a three-mile walk, or some other activity.

Starting a workout on Apple Watch using Siri

Make sure you tell Siri exactly what you want to do. Siri opens Workout to track your walk or workout. When you're done, say Finish my workout.

Turn on Airplane Mode

When you're boarding a flight or don't want to be disturbed, ask Siri to turn on airplane mode. Say Turn on airplane mode.

Turning Airplane Mode on Using Siri on Apple Watch

After you turn on Airplane Mode, you can't use Siri until you turn it off manually.

Get Answers

If you want to know how many miles it is to New York or forget how many days are in June, use Siri to get answers quickly. Ask Siri any question, such as:

  • What time is it in New York?
  • How many cups are in a gallon?
  • Why is the sky blue?
Using Siri to answer questions on Apple Watch

Siri uses information found online and on your Apple Watch to answer your questions. So, you can also ask Siri personal questions, like when your next meeting is.

Flip a Coin

To help make some of life's most difficult decisions, you can ask Siri to flip a coin. Say Flip a coin, and Siri provides a 50-50 response—heads or tails. No coin required!

If you don't like the result, ask Siri to flip again.

Using Siri to flip a coin on Apple Watch

Set an Alarm

Siri is great at setting alarms from your Apple Watch, including the day and time for which you'd like the alarm to be set. Say Set an alarm for [date] at [time], and Siri sets the alarm for you.

Using Siri to set an alarm on Apple Watch

If you want to cancel an alarm, tell Siri to turn it off.

Search for Images

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to find images on the go. For example, you may need to know what a country's flag looks like. Or, maybe you want to check out photos from a recent event.

Whatever the case, tell Siri to search for pictures for you. Say, for example, Show me photos from the Met Gala, or Show me photos of Italy.

Using Siri to find images using the Apple Watch

Want to search your photos? Tell Siri to open your photos or to open a specific album.

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